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How To Train Your Dog To Hunt – An A-Z Guide

Having a dog by your side when you are out hunting is probably one of the most rewarding feelings. Not only will your day be less boring but you will also have your loyal companion along your side. Friendship aside, that same companion can help you track, hunt, scare out […]

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State-By-State Hog Hunting Regulations

Every state in the United States of America has its own laws and legislation when it comes to hunting different game. There are different open season dates, different animals you can hunt throughout the year, and most importantly they all require different kinds of permits. All that can leave you […]

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The Best Dog Breeds For Hunting Different Game

Ever since humans domesticated the dog, it was obvious that there was one particular field in which the dog excelled at – chasing down and tracking other animals. Long before humanity turned its head to agriculture, men and dogs were out in the open hunting together and it is widely […]

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Hog Hunting Tips For Beginners

Hog hunting has been gaining popularity across the USA for decades now and it is currently in its peak. That is thanks to the alarmingly high rates with which hog populations increase, especially in states like Texas. That is why the government is becoming more and more loose with its […]