Jack's Hunting Tips

Autumn in the forest

State-By-State Hog Hunting Regulations

Every state in the United States of America has its own laws and legislation when it comes to hunting different game. There are different open season dates, different animals you can hunt throughout the year, and most importantly they all require different kinds of permits. All that can leave you […]

wild animal in grass

Hog Hunting Tips For Beginners

Hog hunting has been gaining popularity across the USA for decades now and it is currently in its peak. That is thanks to the alarmingly high rates with which hog populations increase, especially in states like Texas. That is why the government is becoming more and more loose with its […]

a camouflaged person aiming with a rifle

Hunting With A Ghillie Suit

When out hunting, you are facing animals that have evolved to sense danger. Their sense of scent, sounds, and movement have developed to a very high point. This is why hunters need to be as stealthy as possible if they want to get a close shot at the prey. Bowhunters […]

two animals with antlers next to each other

Deer Hunting Tips For Beginners

Deer hunting is what most people dream of when thinking of picking up a rifle and becoming a hunter. Still, there is a reason you don’t see deer trophies everywhere. They are hard to get. Deer is the hardest animal to hunt hands down, and that usually makes the results […]