Best Waterproof Hunting Clothing 2023

Hunting in rainy conditions increases the chances that elk and deer are more likely to come out. Your movements are also more silent on damp ground, making it easier to approach your target. In wet weather conditions, you’ll also likely get soaked to the bone.

There is always the possibility that the weather will change suddenly, so it is best always to carry a raincoat or waterproof gear. We’ve narrowed down the best waterproof accessories and clothing for hunting to keep you dry and comfortable.


Best Hunting Rain Jacket for Men: Sitka Dew Point Jacket

The Sitka Dew Point Jacket is the perfect rain gear for your hunting gear collection.

sitka Dew Point Jacket came

Key features:

  • The jacket comes with three Layer Gore-Tex
  • Articulated elbows for a broader range of motion.
  • It is made from 100% polyester
  • It features YKK pit zips for breathability


  • The jacket is incredibly lightweight for hunting rain gear.
  • It is easily packable and convenient to store.
  • It has incredible ventilation.
  • The two-way side zips conveniently open all the way to your waist.


  • It is expensive for a lightweight outer shell.
  • It does not do not offer sufficient insulation without layering systems.

Full Review:

As a reliable brand known for its superior quality, Sitka certainly does not disappoint when it comes to its waterproof hunting gear. The Dew Point jacket is remarkably lightweight and packable for the start of the hunting season, and it does work well with the layering system when the weather gets colder.

A notable feature is how incredibly waterproof it is for a lightweight outer shell. The three layers of the Gore-Tex materials provide reliable protection from the elements and are exceptionally well-ventilated.

All seams on the jacket are micro-taped for added weatherproofing and reduced weight. When temperatures are high, pit zips provide a way to dump heat. In addition, the matching waterproof Dew Point rain pants weigh only 10.5 ounces and have zip-through side openings for easy on/off. The flexible fit also provides a wide range of motion.


Best Hunting Rain Jacket For Women: Sitka Cloudburst Jacket

Sitka is a leading hunting brand that manufactures some of the best women’s hunting clothes. The Cloudburst rain jacket is proof of its exceptional quality.

Sitka Women's Cloudburst Jacket came

Key Features

  • The rain jacket has micro-taped and laser-cut seams
  • GORE-TEX fabric with waterproof membrane
  • DWR treatment
  • Features welded water-tight zippers
  • Pit zips meshed with hand pocket zippers


  • It is 100% waterproof and breathable.
  • The jacket is packable and lightweight.
  • Convenient and practical pocket storage


  • Some hunters complained about the tight fit around the waist and loose fit around the shoulders.
  • Very expensive.
  • Only one camo pattern is available.

Full Review:

The Sitka Gear Cloudburst system is manufactured with GORE-TEX fabric. It is strengthened with a DWR fabric treatment, making this hunting jacket incredibly windproof, waterproof, and breathable, and lightweight.

This fabric is incredibly breathable and designed with a three-layer laminate structure with a soft inner lining. Also, to the DWR treatment on the outer layer and the raincoat seams, the mid-layer has a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane.

A polyester stretch fabric makes this jacket suitable for supporting three layers without adding too much bulk. The articulated knees and elbows on both the pants and jacket leave hunters with a free range of motion, making this set ideal for elk or deer hunting.

All seams of the rain jacket are micro-taped and heat-welded to reduce wear and tear. The Cloudburst boasts waterproof seals on all zippers and ample storage and deep pockets.

The are two zippered chest pockets, a sleeve pocket, and two hand-warming pockets to keep your hands dry and toasty. The jacket’s sleeves are equipped with velcro tabs at the wrist and zip pits for improved ventilation. Overall, this is one of Sitka’s best lightweight waterproof raincoats for women.


Best Budget-friendly Hunting Pants: King’s Camo Hunter 2.0 Pants

The Camo Hunter pants from King’s make incredible early-season hunting pants while the weather is warmer. The material is much lighter and locks out moisture.


Key Features

  • Denser (200GSM) material made from polyester and spandex
  • Quick drying fabric
  • 2-way stretch fabric


  • Very affordable.
  • These hunting pants are quick-drying.
  • It has fantastic stretch and gives you freedom of motion.
  • It is machine-washable.


  • The size runs small.
  • Some hunters felt the material felt too thin to be waterproof.

Full Review:

King’s Camo hunting pants are perfect for the warmer weather. The material is lightweight and has exceptional stretch thanks to the spandex-polyester blend.

For the price, these camo pants have quite a few impressive features. The waterproof pants come with a 100% polyester twill and six pockets with cargo flaps altogether. The Camo hunting pants include two pockets on the back with button closure flaps to reduce sound and noise. There are also two cargo pockets on the sides with a top quarter pocket complete with a button flap.

While some hunters feel that the fabric is thinner than standard hunting pants, the Camo Hunter is meant to be lightweight and breathable and feel like you are wearing cotton pants. This makes it ideal for the start of the season when the weather is warmer.

An additional feature is the reinforced seat that provides extra protection when seated on the ground. Overall, these budget-friendly pants are breathable, and the polyester blend has moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable.


Best Waterproof Hunting Pants for Women: Sitka Downpour Pants

Sitka’s Downpour pants offer protection from the wind and exceptional water resistance. You can fully understand why most female hunters think it is the best women’s hunting pants.

Sitka Women's Downpour Pant Came

Key features

  • Made from GORE-TEX 3-layer laminate fabric with PrimaLoft insulation
  • 100% Waterproof
  • It has a DWR finish
  • Full-side zippered cargo pockets


  • These hunting pants have exceptional waterproof and windproof capabilities.
  • It also provides sufficient protection from the wind.
  • These pants are breathable.


  • It is expensive.
  • It only comes in one camo pattern.

Full Review:

Sitka has engineered a pair of hunting pants that provide complete waterproofness, are breathable, and protect you against the harshest elements. These pants have a DWR finish that makes them both windproof and waterproof. The weather-resistant zippers are another characteristic of the hunting pants that ensures waterproofness. With this handy little feature, moisture cannot seep into the sides where the long zippers are located.

The front right side has one weatherproof zipper pocket, which is big enough to fit a wallet and a full-size iPhone. The articulated, women-specific fit is a standout feature. It provides a wide range of motion to prevent knee binds while climbing in a seated position.

The fit is fantastic, and the pants are incredibly lightweight. When layered, you do not feel the weight of the pants, nor does it feel bulky. Paired with the Downpour jacket, you will get total protection from the harsh weather elements.

However, removing brambles and thorns caught on the pants is extremely difficult. Price is an issue; most hunters feel that the downpour pants are affordable, but adding the rain jacket becomes expensive.


Best Hunting Pants for Kids: KUIU Attack Pants

Hunting is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and ensure they are warm and toasty. Finding the right hunting gear is essential. These cold-weather pants from KUIU are perfect for protecting your kids from the elements.

Youth Attack Pant Came

Key Features

  • Constructed from PrimeFlex polyester
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Makspek odor control
  • K-DWR waterproofing


  • These Youth Attack pants are waterproof and windproof and will keep kids dry and protected.
  • It has plenty of pockets for storage.
  • These hunting pants have an adjustable waistband.


  • It is expensive for kids who might have outgrown it by the next hunting season.

Full Review:

KUIU’s attack pants do not disappoint. While the KUIU Attack Pant offers exceptional waterproof capabilities owing to the K-DWR treatment, it is also a versatile hunting pant that is perfectly suited to many outdoor and weather conditions.

A key feature is the 4-way stretch PrimFlex fabric. It gives youth hunters a flexible range of motion without feeling restricted. These insulated hunting pants are comfortable, and the fabric repels water, dirt, snow, and mud.

There are two low-rise pockets, a rear pocket, and two front pockets, all of which have weather-resistant YKK zippers. There are two long zippers along the hips and mesh-backed vents for extra ventilation.

A standout feature is the button closure on the top of the fly zipper, and it is large enough for kids to use without removing their gloves. Overall, a fantastic buy to ensure your kids are well-insulated and dry during the hunting trip.


Best Hunting Bib with Knee Pads: Nomad 3LI Camo Bibs

Nomad’s Camo bibs offer reliable hunting comfort, concealment, and outstanding water resistance.

Men's Nomad 3LI Camo Bibs dark camouflage

Key Features

  • Made from 100% waterproof PrimaFlex polyester materials.
  • 4-way stretch gusseted crotch
  • Comes with additional mudguards and shell loops.
  • It comes with removable knee pads


  • 100% waterproof and has three unique layers to ensure you stay dry and comfortable.
  • Machine-washable
  • It provides exceptional wind resistance.


  • It is very expensive.
  • Camo patterns are limited and are only available in Mossy oak Migrate.

Full Review:

The Nomad Camo Bib features an advanced three-layer layered design that ensures maximum durability, breathability, and comfort. A full-length storm flap prevents water from seeping into the midsection and lower thighs of the pants.

Additional mudguards and shell loops provide extra storage, while web straps on the shoulders and a drawcord waist allow for adjustment. Additionally, the Camo Bib comes with reinforced knees and seating.

The front thigh pockets have shell loops and flaps to keep shells from touching the outer shell. Snaps are provided on the thigh hem so they can be closed once you enter the field. A cargo pocket with adjustable rear leg straps is located at the thigh hem, hidden by bottom leg zippers that drop below the knee.

If you are looking for a waterproof hunting bib perfect for all seasons, Nomad’s 3LI is ideal, offers long-lasting durability, and will do the job credibly.


Best Face Mask and Neck Gaiter: Realtree Primos Stretch Full Face Mask

No hunting kit is complete without complete concealment. Realtree’s full-face masks are designed to keep you warm, safe, and concealed.

Primos Stretch Full Face Mask Realtree Edge Camo

Key Features:

  • Mesh Panels for breathability
  • Waterproof and wind resistant
  • 4-stretch and made from polyester and spandex.


  • One size fits all
  • It keeps you protected from the elements.
  • Very affordable
  • It has exceptional breathability.


  • Too thin for extremely cold climates
  • Some hunters claim the fit is too tight.

Full Review:

With Realtree’s Balaclava Face Mask, you’ll be able to hunt with maximum performance. Regardless of where you are, this impressive face mask ensures optimum protection for your face, neck, and head. The hunting face mask is water- and wind-resistant thanks to the polyester and spandex construction.

The mesh materials prevent your glasses from fogging up. The flatlock stitching makes this mask highly durable, and its raw edges are very durable thanks to its flatlock stitching. There is nothing I love more than the lifetime warranty on this product! Overall, this is an excellent


How We Chose the Best Waterproof Hunting Clothing

There is no doubt that waterproof hunting clothing is an essential component of any hunting kit system. As most of us hunters know, getting caught in a sudden downpour while being hopelessly unprepared is uncomfortable and can ruin the thrill of the hunt.

When choosing waterproof gear, consider where you’ll use it and how many days a year you expect to wear it. Take the following considerations into account:

Waterproof Capabilities

There is a distinct difference between waterproof, water-resistant, and water-repellant hunting gear.

  • Waterproof materials are impermeable, repel water to a certain extent, and can keep you dry during hours of rain.
  • Water-resistant materials are airtight and repel water but do not keep you as dry in a downpour.
  • Water-repellent materials are sealed and treated with a hydrophobic-based chemical like Durable Water Repellent (DWR). Water-repellent fabrics are easily spotted when raindrops roll off your hunting rain pants and jacket. [1]


When selecting hunting clothing, consider the type of insulation you are looking for. Waterproof insulated hunting gear is usually a combination of polyester and wool to keep you dry and provides warmth.

Outer Shells

Hard shell and soft shell hunting gear have two different purposes. Softshell gear is designed to be 100% waterproof when treated with DWR. In contrast to hardshell gear that is constructed to be windproof and water-resistant. However, hardshell clothing is treated with DWR, making them water-repellent.

Type of Lining Material

Lining materials are typically used as mid-layers and are intended for heat retention purposes. Polyester fabrics are also used as lining for hunting jackets and are designed to offer insulation and waterproofed, keeping your body dry, regulating your temperature, or both.

The Fit

Rain gear is generally lightweight apparel that is designed to keep you dry, but the cut of the raincoat matters. A good quality rain jacket and pants are the outer shells whose sole purpose is to keep you dry and allow for a wide range of movement. Hunting rain gear cuts that do not fit, especially when using the layering system, will feel bulky and restrict movement.

Waterproofing Products

Generally, waterproof hunting apparel is designed to be long-lasting and exceptionally durable. They may, however, require re-waterproofing, especially DWR-treated gear. The DWR treatment eventually wears off, and instead of discarding your gear, you can re-waterproof it using products like Nikwax or waterproofing boot wax.

Value For Money

The cost of quality hunting garments is often a reflection of their performance and materials. The higher the price, the better the product, but it is usually a better, more durable, longer-lasting item.


Understanding A Waterproof Rating

This may sound like a science lesson from school, but understanding water ratings will tell you how waterproof your hunting garment actually is. There are a few important ratings that determine the breathability and how waterproof, water resilient, and water repellent a garment is, and one of which you are familiar with. We are familiar with Durable Water Repellent. This is when fabrics are chemically treated to repel water.

Seam Taped/Seam Sealed

No matter the quality, all garments have a weak point: the seams of your hunting pants, jackets, and any other garment. The seams would be taped or sealed with a waterproofing treatment to prevent water from leaking into the sides.

MVTR: Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate

MVTR is how waterproofing garments are measured. When you see the label WP: MVRT, it indicates the fabric’s breathability, which indicates how resistant it is to water pressure (WP) and how much it allows sweat to escape.

Without getting too technical, MVTR is the fabric’s breathability, and WP is how much water pressure your hunting garment withstands. If you are looking at waterproof hunting gear and notice the specifications state “WP : MVRT : 10,000/ 10,000mm”, this indicates that the fabric is 100% waterproof and breathable.

This all means that if your garment’s WP has a higher value than 10,000mm (MVRT), the garment doesn’t breathe well, and you will end up with a damp inner garment.

Hydrostatic Head Test

The Hydrostatic Head Test is used to check how waterproof fabrics are. Before big hunting brands can label their garments and equipment as waterproof, they must pass the Hydrostatic Head Test. Don’t be fooled by the name, though. The test is quite simple to execute.

Under a sealed tube of water with a 1-inch diameter, the fabric is stretched to test its waterproofness. Observations are made over a period of 24 hours to determine how much water the fabric can withstand before soaking through.

Hohenstein Test

The Resistance to Evaporating Heat Transfer value (RET) is calculated using the Hohenstein test, which determines a material’s resistance to water vapor. Unlike how MVTR is calculated, the lower the RET value, the higher the fabric’s breathability.

Waterproof Membranes

Hunting gear with softshells is subjected to tests to determine its breathability, how windproof the garments will be, and if it will protect you from wet conditions. The waterproofing and breathability rating of fabrics are measured in RET (retention evaporation of a textile), which is tested using the Hohenstein test,

The RET range is numbered from 0 to +30, often displayed as “RET<13”, giving you an idea of how breathable and waterproof the garments are. With hunting garments, you mostly want the RET range to be between 0 – 6, which is exceptionally breathable and 100% waterproof. RET ranges between 6-13 and is breathable and water resistant. Anything above that is not considered waterproof but can be breathable. [2] [3]


Waterproof Hunting Materials

You are now ready to compare hunting fabrics based on breathability and waterproofness.


The Gore-Tex trademark is a waterproof fabric found on hunting apparel. Many superior hunting brands like Sitka and KUIU use this synthetic fabric. The synthetic blend fabric qualities are not only limited to being waterproof but also breathable, windproof, and one o the most durable and long-lasting fabrics.

Torain and Toray Primeflex

The Japanese-manufactured Torain or Toray and Toray Primeflex are synthetic fabrics that provide excellent waterproof qualities, breathability, and windproofing. Toray Primeflex, on the other hand, has fast-drying fabric attributes, making the materials far more durable than Torian.

KUIU is the only hunting brand that uses Toray in its hunting gear. Using Toray fabrics, you can also find sporting apparel brands like North Face and Oakley.


Merino wool is a natural animal fiber with a natural hydrophobic coating of lanolin. This would make merino wool water-repellent and not waterproof. It has excellent moisture-wicking capabilities and antifungal and anti-bacterial properties.


most waterproof hunting pants, jackets, gloves, and so forth are made from polyester. Much like merino wool, the synthetic fabric is hydrophobic. The significant difference here is that 100% polyester is a synthetic fabric, not a natural product like merino wool, making the material waterproof.

When 100% polyester is blended with other synthetic materials, the material becomes water-resistant. A good example of water-resistant fabric is Primaloft, which we will discuss next.


Primaloft is a blend of merino wool and polyester. The material is water-resistant; however, PrimaLoft is engineered for its incredible insulation properties.

Sitka is known for using PrimaLoft technologies to engineer their hunting apparel and accessories like sleeping bags. With the PrimaLoft technology combined with Gore-Tex, the brand’s Incinerator Aerolite Hunting Jacket is its warmest, most waterproof, and most expensive jacket to boot. [4]



How do you wash waterproof hunting clothes?

Waterproof hunting clothing can be washed in warm water using the regular setting on your washer. Do not use your regular laundry detergent on your waterproof hunting apparel. Laundry detergent is a surfactant that breaks down oils and grease and removes harsh dirt. Not only will it leave a water stain and residue on your clothing, but it will also ruin its waterproof properties. (surfactant)

What is the best fabric for hunting?

Gore-tex is one of the best fabrics for hunting apparel. It is considered the most breathable fabric, fully waterproof, and windproof, and it will protect you against the elements when hunting.

Can you wash rain gloves?

Waterproof gloves should be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth and air-dried. Do not machine-wash your hunting gloves, especially if they have leather, waterproof inserts, or down insulation.

How do you wash waterproof socks?

Waterproof socks can be washed on the hand wash cycle setting on your washing machine unless it s made from merino or alpaca wool, which must be washed by hand. Using a particular type of washing powder or detergent is not necessary.


Last Tips

The most important thing when purchasing waterproof hunting gear is choosing stylish clothing of the highest quality. Without specially designed hunting clothing, you won’t be able to move as freely as you need to shoot accurately, and it won’t be very quiet either. The wearing of water-tight and purpose-built hunting clothing is therefore highly recommended.

Re-waterproofing your hunting gear is essential to maintaining its longevity. The DWR treatment eventually wears off, and it is highly recommended that you re-waterproof your gear before the start of every hunting season. This will save you from being uncomfortable, wet, and miserable on the hunt.

The Bottom Line

Sitka takes the top spot for the best waterproof hunting jackets for both men and women. The men’s Dew Point jacket and women’s Cloudburst jacket offers incredible waterproofness, unmatched quality, and incredible breathability.

Hot on the heels of Sitka is KUIU’s Attack Youth hunting pants that offer versatility, insulation, and protection from the weather elements. Overall, the products mentioned on my list ensure that you will remain dry, comfortable, and secure while you enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

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