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You’re likely a bit concerned about snakes if you’re reading this. Maybe someone wants you to go on a hunting trip in an area you know has some venomous stakes: you don’t want to get bit. Or perhaps you already have a pair, but they’re old, and you’re looking for a new pair that’ll do the job.

Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve taken time out to list the 8 best snake-proof boots for hunting on any occasion. With these boots, you’ll never have to say what good old Woody used to say: “There’s a snake in my boot!”

They’re not only high-quality, but they look good, are comfortable to wear, and will be a great accompaniment on your hunting trip:

Best Snake Boots Overall: Irish Setter Unisex Mudtrek 17″ Side-zip Waterproof Full Fit Rubber Snake Boots

Best Snake Boots for Men: Rocky Men’s 16″ Prolight Waterproof Snake Boots

Best Snake Boots for Women: SHE Outdoor Lubbock 2.0 Waterproof Snake Boots

Best Side-Zip Snake Boots for Men: Rocky Retraction Men’s 17″ Waterproof Snake Boots, Side-Zip

Best Lace-Up Snake Boots for Women: Rocky Women’s Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boot Knee High

Best High-Quality Snake Boots for Men: Twisted X Men’s 17″ Viperguard Snake Boots

Best High-Quality Snake Boots for Women: Chippewa Women’s Sunjo 15″ Brown Vipercloth Snake Boot

Special Mention: Apkaf Snake Gaiters


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What Type of Snake Boot Do You Need?

When buying snake-proof boots, bear in mind that the snake boots you choose should suit the occasion. You’ll want something lighter and more breathable (but perhaps less protective) when in an area with a very mild risk of snake bites. And you’ll need something more heavy-duty when somewhere where the risk is high.


8 Best Snake-Proof Boots for Hunting

Read on to follow my list of the eight best snake-proof boots for hunting today:

Best Snake Boots Overall: Irish Setter Unisex Mudtrek 17″ Side-zip Waterproof Full Fit Rubber Snake Boots

Irish Setter Unisex Mudtrek 17" Side-zip Waterproof Full Fit Rubber Snake Boots, Mossy Oak Obsession Green Colour

What I love about it:

I love these boots because they tick quite a few boxes: they’re protective against bites from a snake, waterproof, and breathable.


Type of fit: Side-zip

Snake-bit protection: SnakeGuard fabric

Color: Mossy Oak Obsession

Height: 17″

Waterproof: 100% waterproof


  • Especially protective against bites from snakes: the fabric will guard you against most North American species.
  • Rubber mudder outsole: this helps release dirt and mud.
  • Lightweight: the RPM composite midsole helps to keep it light.


  • Size issues: unfortunately, some consider them too small or inappropriately sized.

Irish Setter Unisex Mudtrek 17″ Side-zip Waterproof Full Fit Rubber Snake Boots review:

Despite some fitting issues, this is an excellent boot for hunting. The most apparent benefit of this boot is its snake-biting-protective fabric. When buying a snake boot, the primary concern anyone has is whether it’ll protect you from bites from a snake.

And (if you can find the right fit for you), the boot’s temperature regulation technology will keep you going for a long time during hunts. This ensures that your feet and legs don’t get too hot.

While because of that same technology, heat can also be trapped in the boot (as it acts as a thermal barrier) and provides warmth. The Scent Band antimicrobial scent control will also help eliminate odors.

On top of all this, these boots are among the lightest on the market, and they’re easier to wear for long periods.

This Sportsman’s Guide exclusive is excellent for long hunting trips. As you can see, it’ll keep you safe and warm (or keep you from overheating). And it’s also waterproof and releases dirt and mud as you go, meaning it’s well able to weather the elements.

Best Snake Boots for Men: Rocky Men’s 16″ Prolight Waterproof Snake Boots

Rocky Men's 16" Prolight Waterproof Snake Boots Laced Up

What I love about it:

These full-grain leather boots make a great addition to your hunting trip as they’re


Type of fit: Lace-up

Snake-bit protection: Puncture-proof nylon

Color: Brown/Mossy Oak Break-Up

Height: 16″

Waterproof: claim to be 100% waterproof


  • Very lightweight: at just 32 oz. These boots are easy to walk around in.
  • Extremely comfortable: they’re comfortable to wear for long periods due to their design.
  • Excellent snakebite protection: keeps you safe from the bites of snakes of concern. This includes coral snakes, copperheads, and rattlesnakes.


  • Difficult to get on and off: unfortunately, the laces make it harder to take this boot on and off.

Rocky Men’s 16″ Prolight Waterproof Snake Boots review:

These snake boots are honestly among the best snake-proof boots. They’re incredibly protective because of their puncture-proof nylon and are pretty light at 32 oz. This makes them easy to wear for long periods. And once you’ve “worn in” the boots, they get even more comfortable.

My only gripe with these full-grain leather boots is that they don’t seem as waterproof as they claim to be. Essentially, many didn’t get metaphorical cold feet when buying them. Instead, they certainly got literal cold feet afterward.

I also like the rear pull-on, as it makes it easier to get the boot on, and the secure (and quick) lacing ensures it stays on. You want to avoid your boot coming off during a hunt; that could cost you your prize.

I highly recommend these boots to anyone that needs long-lasting boots for their hunting escapades. I also recommend them if they’re okay with losing out on waterproofing and need something that can handle uneven ground.

Best Snake Boots for Women: SHE Outdoor Lubbock 2.0 Waterproof Snake Boots

SHE Outdoor Lubbock 2.0 Waterproof Snake Boots Brown for Ladies

What I love about it:

These snake boots provide hunters with effective and durable protection from the elements (and from snakes).


Type of fit: Side-zip

Snake-bit protection: Snakeguard material

Color: Brown

Height: 16″

Waterproof: Rocky waterproof construction


  • Breathable: a boot that isn’t breathable will be quite uncomfortable after a while.
  • Durable: this boot is highly durable and will last a long time.
  • Stable: this waterproof snake boot will keep steady over rugged terrain due to its advanced technology.


  • Sizing difficulties: many buyers report problems finding the correct size.

SHE Outdoor Lubbock 2.0 Waterproof Snake Boots review:

This pair of waterproof snake boots will see you through all the hazards, trials, challenges, and terrain you may encounter while hunting. These are highly durable and trustworthy pairs you can take everywhere you go.

Although slightly on the high side of the cost spectrum, they’re undeniably worthwhile. Each of these boots boasts side zippers that make it easy to take on and off. In addition, every boot is fitted with a moisture-wicking lining and 100% breathable membrane technology, keeping you comfortable and dry.

For further comfort, each boot is fitted with removable polyurethane insoles that cushion your steps and improve your endurance. There’s also a strap you can use in front to adjust your fit if it’s not quite right yet.

Despite being very comfortable, many may need help to get the right fitting. They may be outraged to discover that the size that usually fits them doesn’t seem to anymore. Nevertheless, should you get the right size, these are undoubtedly the best women’s hunting boots.

Best Side-Zip Snake Boots for Men: Rocky Retraction Men’s 17″ Waterproof Snake Boots, Side-Zip

Rocky Retraction Men's 17" Waterproof Snake Boots, Side-Zip Camo

What I love about it:

What stands out for me about these snake boots is just how comfortable they are; I highly recommend these if comfort is a priority of yours when it comes to clothing.


Type of fit: Side-zip

Snake protection: Snake Guard fabric

Color: Realtree camo

Height: 17″

Waterproof: 100% waterproof


  • Build for off-trail: the design of this bought makes it great for off-trail hunting.
  • Comfortable: boasting memory foam support, this pair of boots is very comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • Breathable: the moisture-wicking mesh helps make this pair a lot more breathable.


  • Limited-time deal: while the boots are pretty affordable at the time of writing this, they’re liable to return to their old price soon.

Rocky Retraction Men’s 17″ Waterproof Snake Boots, Side-Zip review:

These (somewhat) waterproof snake boots are perfect for the less conventional trail and are designed to handle snake bites and whatever the trail may throw at them.

The Realtree camo helps to make you less easy to spot while hunting; paired with a full camo attire, these boots for hunters will be an excellent addition for some stealthy hunting.

The advanced moisture-wicking mesh lining will keep your feet cool and dry. The EnergyBed insole also provides excellent support, ensuring that you can walk comfortably; it minimizes discomfort and improves your overall endurance.

The boots also boast underfoot support, helping to combat any fatigue you might experience due to sore feet. These boots have great traction helping you cope with different surfaces with ease.

These are a great pair, and I’d recommend them to anyone with comfort as a priority.

Best Lace-Up Snake Boots for Women: Rocky Women’s Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boot Knee High

Rocky Women's Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boot Knee High Green Camo

What I love about it:

This lace-up snake boot will protect you from an unexpected snake bite and offer highly effective protection.


Type of fit: Lace-up

Snake-bite protection: Yes

Color: Mossy Oak Break Up

Height: 16″

Waterproof: Rocky waterproof construction


  • Handles terrains well: these full-grain leather boots cope well with challenging terrains, making them ideal for specific hunting trips.
  • Slightly cheaper than other snake boots: they’re a bit cheaper than options such as the SHE outdoor snake-proof hunting boot.
  • Great camo design: these full-grain leather boots come in a great (and highly effective) camo design.


  • Lace-up can be time-consuming: unfortunately, the lace-up design of the Rocky boots can make them hard to get off and on quickly.

Rocky Women’s Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boot Knee High review:

Quite similar to the Rocky Men’s hunting boot, this pair of full-grain leather boots for women offer various excellent features:

  • It offers great protection against any North American snake,
  • It has a waterproof design, offering good protection against the elements,
  • It has excellent traction on challenging terrain,
  • And finally, the rubber outsole provides further defense against getting soggy feet.

This quality pair of Rocky boots are made for the outdoors and has all the features needed to cope with trying conditions. In addition, it’s more affordable than some snake boots, such as the SHE outdoor hunting boot.

I recommend these boots to anyone who doesn’t mind the lace-up design and needs something to cope with wet and slippery conditions.

Best High-Quality Snake Boots Waterproof for Men: Twisted X Men’s 17″ Viperguard Snake Boots

Twisted X Men's 17" Viperguard Snake Boots - Slip-Resistant and Waterproof Knee-High Hunting Boots Brown Colour

What I love about it:

I love these high-quality snake-proof boots because of their unique design and because they offer excellent protection against the wild.


Type of fit: Slip-on

Snake-bite protection: Twisted X Viperguard fabric

Color: Distressed saddle & saddle and mossy oak bottomland camo & brown.

Height: 17″

Waterproof: 100% waterproof


  • Comfortable: these hunting boots have been designed to cope with an entire day of hunting with ease.
  • Slip-resistant: with enhanced slip-resistance, these snake-proof boots cope with various terrains with ease
  • Moisture-wicking: this technology draws sweat away from your skin, keeping your feet warm and dry.


  • Pricey: unfortunately, all these features come at $279.95.

Twisted X Men’s 17″ Viperguard Snake Boots review:

The Viperguard hunting boot will be a great addition to your hunts, boasting many great features and a high-quality material that you can rely on.

The Twisted X Viperguard fabric protects against bites from snakes and hazards in the wild such as sharp bushes and branches. You’ll also notice a convenient toe cap and heal kick that provides even more protection against the wilds and snakes.

And, while on your hunt, you want a pair of boots that can handle the likely rough and uneven terrain to come. Well, this pair has slip-resistant rubber outsoles to do just this.

Did you know that these boots are partially made of recycled plastic? It’s true; Twisted X is undoubtedly eco-conscious. And if this isn’t incentive enough, then you should know that Twisted X will plant a tree for each pair you buy. They claim, to date, to have planted over 120,000 trees.

Best High-Quality Snake Boots for Women: Chippewa Women’s Sunjo 15″ Brown Vipercloth Snake Boot

Chippewa Sunjo Women's 15" Snake Boots Dark Brown

What I love about it:


Type of fit: Buckled-straps

Snake-bite protection: Vipercloth

Color: Brown

Height: 15″

Waterproof: not specified


  • Built-to-last material: made from 80% Cordura, this boot is made to last a long time.
  • Comfortable: this pair is comfortable to wear on long hunting trips.
  • Great style: this boot boasts a stunning design.


  • Quite expensive: as high-quality as these boots are, they’re unfortunately a bit pricey.

Chippewa Women’s Sunjo 15″ Brown Vipercloth Snake Boot review:

This high-quality pair is a bit pricier than other boots on my product list, but it’s undoubtedly worth the purchase.

This pair is durable, supportive, comfortable, and made from high-quality materials and premium components. It also boasts excellent traction due to the Gumlite outsoles, meaning you’ll have little challenge traversing rugged terrain.

Made with Goodyear welt construction, this pair is made with a tried-and-tested construction method, providing flexibility, stability, and long life.

Special mention: Apkaf Snake Gaiters

Apkaf Snake Gaiters, Snake Bite Protection for Lower Legs, Outdoor Hiking Hunting Snow Sand Waterproof Boots Cover Legging Gaiters Fit for Men & Women, Adjustable Size

What I love about it:

Now, if you’ve already got a good pair of boots, but they are a little short, you might want to buy yourself this excellent snake gaiter. I love this pair as it’s very comfortable and lightweight.


Type of fit: Straps and velcro

Snake-bite protection: Puncture-resistant fabric

Color: Army green

Height: 5.9″

Waterproof: 600D oxford waterproof cloth


  • Extra snake protection: offering you protection from common dangerous snakes such as rattlesnakes, you’ll be able to hunt with some additional protection and security.
  • Unisex: this snake gaiter is suitable for both men and women.
  • Tear-resistant: each snake gaiter is made of tear-resistant fabric that works well in harsh environments.


  • Not as good as a snake boot: unfortunately, this type of protection isn’t enough, despite claiming to offer puncture-resistant fabric.

Apkaf Snake Gaiters review:

This snake gaiter is for people who are happy with their current boots but would like to add something extra to protect themselves against snakes.

These high-quality fittings are secure, durable, and easy to fit. The only problem is that they may not be as safe as they claim to be, and a perseverant snake might just be able to puncture these.

However, if you can look past that and consider that you’re not going to be standing still and allowing the snake to bite you, it’s still a great pair.

Unlike many other snake gaiters, this pair boasts a wire strap and a bottom footband to ensure it stays secure.

Considerations When Buying Snake Boots

You should consider the following when buying a snake boot:


The boot should be high enough to protect your shins and even up to your knees. Snakes don’t just lay on the ground without moving; they’re very mobile. The most significant risk is between your ankles and your knees, so ensure it’s covered all in between.

The shortest your boots should be is just about covering the middle of your calves.


Is the boot waterproof or not? And if it claims to be, what do reviewers say? Does it work as well as we’d presume a waterproof boot would? It’s crucial to contemplate these questions when considering purchasing yourself a new snake boot.

Material Used

This is a crucial factor because even if your boots are tall enough if they’re made of weak material, you don’t have much protection anyways. Most snake boots are fitted with puncture-proof materials that prevent fangs from piercing, keeping you from being bitten and subsequently affected by the venom.


While some may be tempted to shrug this off as less important, I guarantee you that you’ll want comfortable boots. This is especially true when you’re out there walking for hours on end. Typically, people with large calves find that snake boots are pretty uncomfortable. So it’ll require a bit of experimentation to find the right fit for you.

And sometimes, you’ll have to balance priorities. This means that you’ll need to decide whether the added protection is worth the extra discomfort and vice versa.


Boots with breathable fabric and lining let heat escape, which regulates the temperature of your feet. This can reduce the chance of sweating and also make it more comfortable to wear for longer.

Proper Closures

This is an integral part of a good pair of boots. For example, if you’re going to be walking around in areas with a lot of thick shrubbery and bushes, then you’re going to reconsider getting a pair with a side zipper, as twigs and such can often catch it. This could even leave you at risk of getting bitten on the exposed skin.

A safer form would be a lace closure as they don’t pose this risk (of course, there’s still a risk of the laces coming undone).


How I Chose the Best Snake Boots

I chose these snake boots through meticulous consideration, looking at several variables such as the price, user reviews, features, durability, and comfort, and considering my own experiences wearing snake boots while I’m out hunting. I also thought about the following:

Value for Money

This is such an essential factor to consider when buying yourself snake boots. If it’s costly, it’s necessary to consider why and whether the price is justified by the fabric used or the unique technologies implemented.

In addition, if the boot is very cheap, you must think about whether it’s not extremely poor quality and whether it’s still worth buying. I considered these things in depth before deciding on the best snake-proof boots for hunting.


When we buy a pair of boots, especially if it’s costly, we expect them to last. Well, at least, I know I think that way. And that’s why I ensured to include only high-quality boots that will stand the test of time.


I assessed whether the boots would be comfortable for a long time or would start getting uncomfortable after the first few hours. In addition, I made sure to include boots that are breathable and which won’t cause your feet and legs to heat up.

Ability to Weather the Elements

Along with being able to “weather” a bite from a snake, a snake boot needs to be able to cope with harsh conditions such as “off-the-path” tracks full of thorny bushes, wild plants, and other random hazards.

This is an essential quality of a good pair of snake boots, as, without the ability to cope with these challenges, your boots could end up irreparably damaged or leave your skin exposed to a potential snake bite.


Who are Snake Boots For?

Snake boots are for people who hunt in areas where snakes are prevalent. While most snakes are nothing to worry about, a few are pretty venomous, so it’s essential to protect yourself. These boots are designed to protect you in the second most common area you’re likely to be bitten: your legs and feet.

Some may even wear snake boots when they’re not hunting simply because they live in a highly snake-infested area.



What are the best snake-proof boots for hunting?

The best snake boot for hunting is that which provides sufficient protection: this means that they’re made sufficiently high to prevent you from getting bitten. And they’re also breathable and comfortable enough to walk around in; heavy leather boots provide for this.

What boots can venomous snakes not bite through?

Most modern snake boots are mostly bite-proof. They typically have puncture-proof materials and are fitted with snake-guard lining. But no boot is 100% bite-proof. So keep that in mind when encountering a snake.

Do I need snake boots for hunting?

If you regularly hunt during summer and spring and in snake-dense areas, getting yourself a pair of high-quality snake boots will go a long way to preventing unforeseen incidents.

Can jeans protect you from snakes?

Jeans will not protect you from snakes, so getting yourself a pair of snake boots is so important. That said, jeans would likely lessen the impact of a bite and reduce the amount of venom that enters your body.

Where do venomous snakes bite the most?

Most snake bites occur when the snake is being handled, most commonly in the hands and fingers. Other than this, a much smaller number occurs organically as you walk, typically on your feet and legs.

How tall should snake boots be?

Most snake boots should be between 14-18″ tall. This protects your shins and feet, where most snake bites occur.

Can rattlesnakes penetrate cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots aren’t designed to protect against snakebites, which is why it’s so important to get yourself a good pair of hunting boots designed to protect against snake bites. If a rattlesnake bites directly, it’ll most definitely penetrate leather boots.


Last Tips on Snake Boots

Getting a good pair of snake boots is so important: a lousy pair of boots could put you at risk of getting bitten by a snake (keep in mind that 10-15% of all snakes are venomous) and also could be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. If you need help with what to get, I’d like to emphasize that the Irish Setter Rubber Snake Boots are a great pair and one I’d recommend.


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