Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler Review

Badlands 2200

It’s 2023 and Badlands continues to dominate the hunting world as a brand. Their high-end hunting backpacks are among the most technologically advanced as well as practical and useful. All the research that the brand invests into its products, however, is passed onto the end customer and these day packs aren’t exactly cheap.

The Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting pack is one of the brand’s flagships and comes with a myriad of features. Whether or not it deserves its place at the top of the backpack food chain we will find out in this review!

Jack’s Verdict: With the introduction of the improved KXO-50 Fabric, as well as the magnesium frame and large internal volume, the Badlands 2200 becomes a strong contender for one of my favorite day packs for this year. It improves in almost all areas compared to its predecessor and adds a lot of useful features such as the built-in meat shelf, hip belt pistol holster, and other useful features. And if the price scares you, I think the lifetime warranty that comes with this backpack is something that should help you sleep better with your investment.

If you want to learn more about day packs and see the best models on the market today, check out my Full Buyer’s Guide on that topic. Now, let’s jump straight into this!


There are a lot of things to cover about the Badlands 2200, so I will make sure that we go over everything here. In this review, we will discuss its material and build quality, compartments and volume, frame, camo options, and some other additional features that might be useful if you’re interested in buying it. First, let’s start with its design.

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler ReviewBadlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler Review

Design & Dimensions

The design of the 2200 mimics a lot the design of the previous models from this line-up. However, this one has a few extra goodies that improve on everything that was already good. For starters, now you get two size options – Large and Medium. The large model has a larger capacity of up to 2,750Cl as well as the option for a 2L hydration pack. The total weight of the pack comes at around 6 lbs with its attachments installed.

The smaller pack is better for people that are looking for a slicker day pack that will be easier to carry around for shorter hunting trips. Still, considering they are pretty similar in price, I would suggest picking the larger option.

There are a ton of features here that make take advantage of the large design and spacious interior. Some of the most important are:

  • An integrated spotting scope pocket at the top part of the backpack
  • A back-panel pocket with a zippered access
  • An integrated meat shelf
  • A detachable rifle boot at the bottom
  • An internal hydration reservoir option (up to 2L)

The large option measures around 19 by 17 by 9 inches. That ranks it somewhere in the middle in terms of hunting backpack sizes. It fits well on large adults and thanks to its slightly curved construction it sits snug on your back. That prevents it from catching on branches and making too much noise while you’re scouting or tracking.

Frame & Construction

In terms of its construction, the Badlands 2200 is using its patented KXO-50 fabric. It is the next improvement over their famous KXO-32 fabric. The toughness, long-term durability, and waterproofness of this fabric are second to none and are a core reason why a lot of outdoor folk choose this backpack for various occasions. One added feature of this fabric is that its extremely quiet, which is a crucial element of any hunting backpack.

All that fabric wraps around a magnesium alloy which is at least twice as durable and lighter than the average T6 aluminum frame that most other backpacks use. The frame is responsible for keeping the weight of the backpack around 30-40% lighter than other models that have similar internal volume.

The frame is complimented by the molded foam suspension we all love from Badlands. It has remained one of my favorite suspension systems on the market thanks to its comfort and breathability. Apart from all that, it also stays soft and responsive even after years of usage, judging by its use in older models. Another feature that adds to the comfort and snug fit of this backpack is the adjustable waist belt. It has reverse tightening, making it extremely easy to adjust on the go.

Compartments & Capacity

There are plenty of pockets on this pack – all 8 of them. However, the main one is 1980Cl making room for pretty much anything you can store in it. The total volume of the big pack variation is 2750Cl, ranking it in the high-mid tier in terms of overall volume. On both sides, you have two fairly big pockets that can house a lot of items. All of the pockets are protected by the DWR treatment of the backpack as well as a waterproof zipper. At the top of the backpack, you have a spotting scope pocket. It can also double as a gun holder pocket. However, it isn’t as big as you would’ve wanted it to be.

Materials & Durability

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler Review

As I already mentioned, Badlands chose to use an Aramid bar tacking around the areas that usually need reinforcement. Along with the KXO-50 fabric and the rest of the top-shelf materials, all that bulks up the price more than anything else in this backpack. So, if you’re wondering where your money went, it went into some of the areas that are typically weak spots on a cheaper hunting day pack.

Even considering the properties of the materials the 2200 is made of, everything on this day pack is covered with the proprietary C6 DWR treatment. This ensures that the pack stays dry and safe from the elements, although it doesn’t last as long as I’d want. Depending on the way you wash it, make sure you re-apply some waterproof treatment to your backpack if needed.

In short, when it comes to durability, there is almost no competition to anything Badlands puts out. That is primarily due to their reinforced backtracking, KXO fabric, and various treatments they use for their materials. The frame, despite being lighter is also extremely tough and almost indestructible. 

Size & Weight

In terms of weight, this backpack keeps things light thanks to its magnesium frame. It manages to keep things below 6 lbs when empty. Still, it is one of the bigger and heavier models from Badlands almost on par with the bigger Carbon Ox model. With its hydration pack attached, it can weigh more than 10 lbs, so keep that in mind if you plan on taking it on longer journeys.

The dimensions of the Large version of the Badlands 2200 measures 28 by 17 by 12 inches. If you want something more compact, the Medium version of this pack is around 26 x 17 x 12 inches. In short, the only difference is that the Medium pack is slightly shorter. The large frame will fit a 19-22 inch torso, while the medium frame will fit a 17-19 inch torso.

Extra Features

Apart from everything I already listed in terms of features, there are a few extra things worth mentioning. For instance, if you own another smaller pack from Badlands such as their Bino packs, you can connect it to the 2200 via the Badlands Connect System at the bottom of the backpack. The 2200 is also hydration pack compatible and can be used with a 2Liter hydration pack. That will bulk up both the size and the weight of the pack but is well worth it, especially on those warmer summer days.

Another thing I really like about the Badlands 2200 is the fact that it comes in multi-color options, some of which are perfect for hunting in different areas. Some of the top patterns and colors are – Approach camo, Realtree Ap-xtra, Realtree Edge, Approach Fx, and a Mud color. I actually love the Mud color option as it makes this pack better suited for other uses such as geology and camping.

Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack Vs. Badlands Dos Camouflage Hunting Pack

One of the main differences between the Badlands 2200 and the Dos camouflage hunting pack is the fact that the 2200 is a newer model that takes advantage of all the brand’s new tech. For instance, in the 2200 you get the KXO-50 fabric instead of the old KXO-32. Now, don’t get me wrong, the KXO-32 is still impeccable but falls short in a few areas compared to the 50, especially in durability.

The Badlands Dos uses the Hypervernt suspension which is useful on warmer days. It keeps the pack slightly further away from your back. That way, it allows for air to pass through and keep your back cool and dry. On that contact points, you get breathable mesh fabric that is also going to keep your dry. Both backpacks have rifle/bow holders, although the 2200 also has a few more internal volume and a meat shelf. The 2200 also has two size options which is better if you’re trying to find the perfect fit. It also has more color/pattern options than the Dos. Both packs are also DWR treated, which prevents moisture from entering the inner parts.

The Dos has one ace up its sleeve. It has a larger capacity for a hydration pack, even though the internal volume is smaller. It is also lighter, making it more practical on longer days. All in all, if you’re tight on your budget, I would suggest picking the Badlands Dos. It has a few compromises compared to the 2200 but is much cheaper and will do just fine on most occasions! 

If you want to check another model from the brand, make sure you read my full review on the Badlands Dos Camouflage Hunting Pack!

Advantages & Disadvantages

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler Review


  • Premium quality
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum structure
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Meat shelf
  • Spacious interior
Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler Review


  • Very expensive
  • Isn’t as waterproof as it should be
  • The gun holder pocket can feel a bit too small

Conclusion & Rating

Jack’s Rating: (4.5/5)

In short, there aren’t a lot of deer-hunting backpacks on the market right now that cover as much ground as the 2200. It serves as one of the flagships in Badlands’ line-up of products and is truly a worthy investment if you value quality, durability, practicality, and above all – comfort. That being said, I cannot ignore the price tag which, honestly, isn’t that bad when you factor in all of the features and R&D that went into this model. Still, it remains one of the most expensive day packs on the market and if you’re not on a tight budget, this should be on your shortlist!

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