Best Women’s Hunting Clothes 2023

So, you’re on the market for the best women’s hunting gear. But if you’re new to the hunting world (or even if you’re not), you might not know your merino wool from your microfiber.

You don’t have to learn the science behind these fabrics, because I’ve scouted out the best women’s hunting jackets and pants. I looked at the price, durability, and practicality of all these pieces, so there’s something here for every type of hunter.

Whether you need a lightweight jacket to keep you dry in a shower, or heavy-duty pants for the harshest conditions, I’ve got you covered!

Best Women’s Hunting Jackets

I’ve got four incredible jackets lined up, for all budgets and seasons.

Best hunting jacket overall: Sitka Jetstream

Sitka Women's Jetstream Jacket came

What I love about it:

This is my favorite overall for its durability. Durable enough to be worth the higher price tag, yet gives amazing protection against wind and rain. Winner!


  • Fabric: Recycled polyester
  • Season: Early, unless layering
  • Colors: 2 camo and 4 solid color options


  • Warm yet breathable: This jacket is designed to trap in warmth yet still allow breathability when needed. The pit zips are excellent for reducing warmth when you’re on the go.
  • Comfort: It’s comfortable to wear and offers ease of motion.


  • Sizing: Although this piece is comfortable, the fit isn’t ideal for everyone. The sleeve length may be a bit off, and some find it to be tight on the shoulders.

Full review:

Sitka is known for making some of the best women’s hunting jackets and other hunting clothing. The Jetstream is no exception. It might cost more than double the price of the SHE Sentry below, but here’s why it’s worth investing in.

First, there are six color options, making it ideal for hunting in any type of landscape. It also has a Gore-tex coating, making it completely resistant to wind. I’m sure you know how much wind chill can ruin a hunt when you’re not properly equipped.

Like the Kylie jacket, this one has plenty of zippered pockets to keep extra ammo, your cell phone, and everything else safe. It’s not quite as quiet as the Kelvin, so opt for that instead if quietness is a top priority for you.

Best budget hunting jacket: SHE Sentry Insulated Jacket

SHE Sentry Insulated Waterproof Jacket for Ladies - TrueTimber Strata

What I love about it:

The value for money. Women’s hunting gear is often expensive, and you don’t always get what you pay for. This jacket provides comfort, warmth, and durability at a fraction of the cost of other options.


  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Season: Late
  • Colors: TrueTimber Strata, TrueTimber Kanati


  • Price: There aren’t many coats as warm as this for under $130.
  • Warm: The insulation (and hand-warming pockets!) mean you’ll stay cozy even in harsh conditions, while still being able to move around freely (it’s not a bulky jacket).


  • Polyester: Some feel polyester isn’t as breathable or warm as materials like wool.

Full review:

If you’re looking for the best women’s hunting camo on a tight budget, you can’t go wrong with this SHE jacket. The high collar keeps your chin warm, and the lined pockets are a welcome refuge for frozen fingers. Warm fingers = more chance of making a successful shot. Winner!

Best mid-weight jacket: Sitka Kelvin Active

Sitka Women's Kelvin Active Jacket beige colour

What I love about it:

The versatility is what makes this a stand-out piece. This Sitka Gear hunting jacket gives enough warmth on its own in better conditions. It also offers a nice insulating layer as part of a layered system on cooler days.


  • Fabric: Nylon, polyester
  • Season: Any when layered
  • Colors: Optifade subalpine, timberwolf


  • Versatile: This will become your go-to jacket for any season!
  • Quiet: If you’re anything like me, you’ll have scared off a buck at least once by making too much noise with the wrong (read: low-quality) jacket. That won’t happen with this piece.


  • Sizing: Some have found that their regular size doesn’t fit in this coat.

Full review:

It’s a little pricer than my budget-friendly pick above, but the Kelvin is more than worth the money. What I especially love is how quiet it is – the fabric doesn’t rustle, and the zippers are also almost silent. No more scaring away every creature in a two-mile radius when you get too warm and want to take off your coat.

It’s also breathable enough to keep you comfortable during long sits in a tree stand.

Best for late-season hunting: DSG Outerwear Kylie 4.0

DSG Outerwear Women's Kylie 4.0 3-in-1 Hunting Jacket

What I love about it:

The fleece liner can be zipped in, making this one of the best jackets for staying warm in the late season.


  • Fabric: Unspecified
  • Season: Late
  • Colors: One only


  • Versatile: The removable fleece means you can wear this piece three different ways. Wear the fleece alone, both together, or the jacket alone, depending on conditions.
  • Price: This super-warm jacket is well worth the money.


  • Heavy: It’s quite bulky and heavy.

Full review:

Of all the insulating jackets, this has to be one of the warmest. It’s packed with 100g of insulation, and comes with a removable fleece liner. When worn together, this is a much warmer choice than the Kelvin above, which requires additional layering to maximize warmth.

Many women hunters will know the pain of trying to grab something from their pocket, only to find it’s in a pocket on the layer below. Not to worry with this outer layer – it’s packed full of enough pockets for ammo, hand warmers, and anything else you need to keep close by.

It’s sure to become one of your most essential pieces of hunting gear, second only to your rifle or crossbow!


Best Women’s Hunting Pants

So you’ve found your perfect jacket (I hope), now it’s time to take care of the bottom half with some pants.

Best hunting pants overall: KUIU Women’s Attack Pant

Kuiu Women's Attack Pant came colour

What I love about it:

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that KUIU comes out on top. These pants are durable, fit well, and have hip vents to help you cool off. What’s not to love?


  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Season: Early to mid
  • Colors: Valo, verde, and vias


  • Durable: Sure, they might be a little pricy. But these things are built to last – you’ll get years of use out of them without them showing signs of wear.
  • Comfort: They’re designed specifically for women. They fit incredibly well and move with you for maximum comfort throughout the day.


  • Short: Taller ladies might find these pants to be a little on the short side.

Full review:

Unlike most other hunting pants for female hunters, these are fitted with hip vents to help you cool off when temperatures rise. However, the pockets are also lined with mesh to increase breathability, meaning you’re unlikely to get too warm in there.

This is a pro compared to my budget pick, the SHE Outdoor Utility II. These pants are made primarily from cotton, which is a much slower-drying material.

KUIU’s women’s line is packed full of great quality pieces, but these are perhaps the most comfortable pants on offer. The four-way stretch and articulated knees allow you to move freely and easily, no matter how challenging conditions might get.

Best hunting pants on a budget: SHE Outdoor Utility II

SHE Outdoor Utility II Pants for Ladies camp colour

What I love about it:

The main advantage of these pants is clearly the great price. If you need to completely overhaul your hunting wardrobe, you might have a limited budget for each piece. At under $40, these pants are certainly not going to break the bank.


  • Fabric: 98% cotton
  • Season: Early to mid
  • Colors: TrueTimber Prairie, TrueTimber Strata


  • Price: You can’t complain at the quality of these pants for the incredible price.
  • Fit: Unlike some other pants, these are cut specifically for women, meaning they fit very well.


  • Material: Cotton is not the best choice for hunting clothing. It absorbs water easily and takes a long time to dry, so you’ll feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day if you get wet.

Full review:

If you don’t hunt too often and don’t want to spend a lot of money on the Attack pants, these are an ideal alternative for occasional hunters.

They’re best for good weather conditions only – cotton is a notoriously poor choice for wet conditions. If you’re planning on hunting on wet or snowy days, you’d be much better equipped with the Sanctuary Bib.

That said, these pants are pretty heavy-duty, so they can be used when temperatures get a bit colder. Hand, rear, and cargo pockets mean you’ll never lose anything again!

Best hunting waders: LaCrosse Estuary

Women's LaCrosse Estuary Realtree Max came colour

What I love about it: 

They might be costly, but these pants are of outstanding quality for extreme conditions. They’ll keep you dry and warm no matter how tough things get.


  • Fabric: Neoprene, Spandex & Lycra
  • Season: Late
  • Colors: Realtree Max 5


  • Warmth: 1200G Thinsulate insulation means you won’t feel the cold, even in the harshest waterfowl hunting conditions.
  • Comfort and fit: Bulk is reduced with this slim-fit design, and they’re designed for improved mobility.


  • Length: Taller women might find these waders aren’t quite long enough.

Full review:

When it comes to insulation, these pants are hard to beat. For the harshest conditions, I recommend a merino wool base layer for extra warmth and comfort. With this combination, there’ll be no such thing as cold!

The combination of materials used in these waders is quite simply incredible. You’ve got neoprene, spandex, Lycra and Thinsulate.

What does this mean for you? You get water resistance, stretch, insulation, warmth, and mobility. And really, what more do you need from a pair of hunting waders? Nothing!

Best late season hunting bib: First Lite Sanctuary Bib


What I love about it: 

Late season gear is all about warmth, and this bib doesn’t disappoint in that department. They’re so warm, you’ll feel like you’re still wrapped up in bed!


  • Fabric: Synthetic insulation
  • Season: Late season
  • Colors: Camo patterns


  • Warm: These pants are insanely warm. Seriously, you’ll forget how cold it is outside with these on!
  • Comfortable: Despite how cozy they are, these pants are still pretty easy to move in and don’t feel bulky to wear.


  • Noisy: They’re a bit louder than some other products out there – I’m sure you know how irritating that sound can be (not to mention frightening off anything you might be hunting!).

Full review:

Cold weather is no match for these bad boys! They’re not breathable like the Attack pant, but that can actually be a good thing in the late season. Yes, less breathability means more warmth is trapped in, which is exactly what you need in extreme cold conditions.

Yet despite this level of warmth, these pants manage to remain relatively discreet. Like the waders above, this bib isn’t overly bulky, despite being highly insulating.

The exterior repels snow and rain like water off a duck’s back, unlike the Utility II, which will have you wetter than a drowned rat if the rain comes on. They’re also windproof – there’s really no condition too harsh for these pants.

Best pants for early season hunts: KUHL Freeflex Roll-up

KUHL Freeflex Roll-Up Pants - Women's 32" Inseam black colour

What I love about it: 

Although they’re not designed to be hunting pants, they come in a range of solid colors that just so happen to be perfectly suited to the job.


  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Season: Early season
  • Colors: Five shades of gray and brown


  • Comfortable and super light: This is key on warm, early season hunting days. You certainly don’t want anything too insulated.
  • UPF 50 fabric: Protect your skin against UV rays.


  • Durability: The closures can weaken after repeated use – remember that they’re not designed explicitly for hunting.

Full review:

Last, but by no means least, something the complete opposite from the late season bib above. They’re designed with coolness and comfort in mind – they’re so light and airy that you might forget you’re even wearing them!

What I really love about these is how versatile they are. You won’t wear any of the other products on my list around the house or when running some errands. That’s not true for these stylish pants. You can wear them anywhere you please, and no one will know that you last wore them for that hunting trip last weekend (unless you forget to wash them!).


Considerations When Buying Hunting Clothing


If you don’t know your Gore-tex from your merino wool, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of materials. You’ll want to look for something durable enough for hunting big game, yet lightweight enough to give you freedom of movement.

Noise is also something to keep in mind – you don’t want a fabric that’s rustling around frightening off every whitetail in a three-mile radius!

Look for lightweight fabrics that can form part of a complete layering system. Do this, and you’ll always be comfortable when conditions change throughout the day.

If you’re wondering how to wash hunting clothes, check out my guide. The various types of fabric require different types of care to keep them in their best condition.

Weather resistance & warmth

There’s so much women’s gear out there, so choosing something that’s right for your environment is crucial. Your hunting jacket or pants will need to be heavy or light enough depending on the season you’re hunting. Also make sure they’re water- and windproof enough for when Mother Nature takes a turn!

Value for money

I’m not going to lie, hunting gear can be expensive. BUT, sometimes paying more is worth it – you’re just not going to get the same level of comfort, durabilty, and water-resistance from cheaper pieces.

I’ve tried to include options for all budgets in my list above. If you’re an occasional hunter, you might not want to spend as much as someone who’s out every weekend.



What is the best color to wear hunting?

It might sound counterintuitive, but blaze orange is the best color to wear hunting. Of course, you’ll need camo so you don’t scare off whatever you’re hunting. But unless you want to be confused for a deer by fellow hunters, you’ll want to wear some orange over the top of your hunting jacket.

What is the best fabric for hunting?

Gore-tex is one of the best fabrics for both early and late season hunting pants and jackets. It’s:

  • Waterproof enough to handle both light showers and heavy downpours;
  • Fully windproof;
  • Yet also highly breathable. Incredible!

What are the best clothes to wear for deer hunting?

You need a lot of specialist clothing for deer hunting – pants, jackets, boots, socks, base layers, and much more. Layering up under your hunting jacket is a good idea – then you’ll always be prepared if the weather takes a turn.


Last Tips on Women’s Hunting Apparel

Maybe my favorites, the KUIU Women’s Attack Pant and the Sitka Jetstream, aren’t right for you. If not, hopefully, you’ve found your ideal gear in my suggestions above.

You can’t go wrong with any of these pieces – it’s just about finding what’s right for you and your environment. If you need some accessories to finish off your look, check out my guide to the best hunting hats too.

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