Best Lightweight Hunting Boots 2023

When it comes to hunting boots, getting the balance right between weight and quality can be difficult. Quality hunting boot manufacturers want your boots to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible. However, they don’t want to use light materials, as this could affect the durability of the footwear.

Instead, they use real leather, thick toe and ankle support, and heavy insulation. All of which contribute weight to the boot. Clearly, it can be difficult to avoid sacrificing lightness for quality and durability. However, there are some boot manufacturers who have mastered it.

Best Boot OverallCabela’s Treadfast GORE-TEX Insulated Hunting Boots

Best Value Lightweight Hunting BootsMen’s Northside Crossite Hunting Boots

When it comes to hunting boots, online casino hunting players need to find the right balance between weight and quality. Here we will discuss the best light hunting boots of 2023 in the UK, as well as how to cancel the GAMSTOP guide. Many UK manufacturers of quality hunting boots want your boots to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible, which will naturally appeal to every online casino player, but not all manufacturers want to use lightweight materials as this will most likely affect the durability of the shoe.

Best Lightweight Hunting Boots Made of RubberThe Original Muck Boot Company Fieldblazer Classic Rubber Boots

Most Rugged Light Hunting BootsDanner Vital Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots

Best Tall Lightweight Hunting BootsRocky 16″ Prolight Waterproof Snake Boots


Best Lightweight Hunting Boot Overall – Cabela’s Treadfast GORE-TEX Insulated Hunting Boots

Cabela's Treadfast GORE-TEX Insulated Hunting Boots for Men Camo

What I love about it:

These boots from Cabela are for those who enjoy fast-paced and high-adrenaline hunting. If you need a boot to support you as you chase deer through the woods, Treadfast GORE-TEX can provide you with what you need.


  • Sizes available: 8 – 14
  • Width options: Medium, wide
  • Insulation: 28 oz (toe box), 14 oz (saddle), 7 oz (heel)
  • Weight: 72 oz (pair)


  • Abrasive: By increasing the thickness of the textiles used, Cabela manage to create a lightweight shoe that is also abrasion-protective. With 600-denier textile uppers, you can charge through woodland areas without fear of injury.
  • Insulated hunting boots: Cabela also ensures these boots are well insulated. 3M™ Thinsulate Ultra Insulation can be found throughout the shoe. Specifically, the toe, saddle, and heel will be protected from plummeting temperatures. This is all thanks to the Thinsulate ultra insulation.
  • Waterproof: Hunters shouldn’t be concerned by the rain. This is why these lightweight hunting boots come with a GORE-TEX lining.
  • Comfortable: The Ultralight TC3 OrthoLite insoles ensure that these boots are comfortable. Not only that, but it also means the boots grow more comfortable over time.


  • Tight: Although comfortable along the base, these boots may feel a little tight and narrow around the uppers. This helps the boots to remain waterproof and insulated. However, it may grow uncomfortable after a while. This tightness will loosen up through continued use.


Full review

Do your hunting trips see you traverse over great distances? Do you need boots that provide comfort and traction as you travel toward your hunting target? I consider Cabela’s Treadfast GORE-TEX the best for action-packed hunting trips.

Adding just 4 1/2 lbs to your feet, they allow you to pick up the pace if you’ve spotted a moving target in the distance. Hiking and running are both made easy with these strapped on. The weight of the boots also allows creeping up on targets is doable. You don’t have to worry about these lightweight shoes snapping a twig or making loud footsteps.

When you’re traveling across varied landscapes, the rugged outsole will keep you balanced.

Not only does the GORE-TEX lining help keep the shoe waterproof, but it also works to prevent feet from overheating in the winter. This material features breathable membranes, which makes your feet more comfortable on warm days.

The Thinsulate Ultra Insulation also ensures you can stay warm whatever your hunting style. Whether it involves a lot of hiking or staying still.


Best Value Lightweight Hunting Boots: Men’s Northside Crossite Hunting Boots

Men's Northside Crossite light camo laced-up Hunting Boots

What I love about it:

I love that these Northside Crossite boots provide maximum comfort and durability, and can be bought for under $80. As far as quality lightweight boot prices go, these are amongst the most affordable you’ll find.


  • Sizes available: 7 – 14
  • Insulation options: 200
  • Height: 9.5″
  • Weight: 64 oz (pair)
  • Materials used: Synthetic and nylon toe and heel


  • Affordable: The biggest benefit of these lightweight hunting boots is their affordability.
  • Insulation: For being so lightweight, these boots provide a decent amount of insulation. Your feet will feel warm when hunting in -25° temperatures.
  • Traction: These boots are suitable for covering all kinds of surfaces with their cleated rubber outsole. This rubber sole makes covering rocky surfaces a breeze, while also providing you with a bit of bounce. This traction makes them one of the best upland hunting boots.
  • Balance: It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever lose your balance with these boots on your feet. The steel shank combined with the 9-inch uppers creates exceptional comfort and excellent structure.


  • Let off a scent: This is to be expected with hunting boots that are under $100. You may accidentally gain the attention of your prey with these boots as they give off a slight scent.
  • Limited durability: It’s unlikely that these boots will be able to outlast other, more expensive hunting boots.
  • Slightly weighty: The steel shank does add a bit of weight to the overall build.

Full review:

If Danner and Lacrosse are out of your budget, check out these lightweight hunting boots from Northside. Their waterproofing and insulation make them the perfect fit and a worthy alternative to the leading brands.

These waterproof hunting boots come seam-sealed, which ensures your socks don’t become damp when hunting in the rain. Not only are they rain resistant, but they’re anti-debris as well. The padded collar and gusseted tongue work together to keep the debris where it belongs -outside your shoe!

While durability is limited, the rubber outsole is likely the last thing to give way. This rubber is exceptionally tough, which makes it ideal for exploring rough terrains.

Not only affordable, but these are also very reliable boots. However, don’t expect them to last you for seasons on end. At the end of the day, these are the affordable option. Although great value for money, they won’t last as long as Cabela’s Treadfast GORE-TEX or a quality pair of Muck Boots.


Best Lightweight Hunting Boots Made of Rubber – The Original Muck Boot Company Fieldblazer Classic Rubber Boots

The Original Muck Boot Company Fieldblazer Classic Rubber Boots for Men - Brown/TrueTimber Kanati - 11M

What I love about it:

When you think of lightweight hunting boots you probably think of rubber boots. Out of all the rubber hunting boots I’ve reviewed, these are my favorite. Not only do they keep your feet 100% dry, but also muck-free and warm.


  • Sizes available: 5 – 13
  • Width options: Medium
  • Boot height: 15.9 inches
  • Boot weight: 64 oz (pair)
  • Max calf circumference: 16.3 inches
  • Color: Mossy oak break up country


  • Waterproof: Thanks to the waterproof 5mm neoprene bootie uppers, these boots can tackle all rivers, streams, and marshlands.
  • Breathable: Perfect for warmer climates,
  • Traction: The structure of the lower half of this boot ensures you remain firmly grounded no matter what you’re standing on. The outsoles are designed to grip all terrains.
  • Comfortable: These boots have minimal break-in time. From the first wear, the insoles will work to mold the shape of your foot.


  • Difficult to get on: As with all rubber boots, you may need a hand to get these on and off.
  • Narrow: These boots are slightly narrower than the other boots to make this selection. This is especially so around the calf area.
  • Not a lot of insulation: Compared to other boots featuring GORE tex liner, these boots fall behind on the insulation front.

Full review:

Cabela’s Treadfast GORE-TEX Insulated Hunting Boots are great boots, but they won’t last long when you’re knee-deep in marshlands. If you’re hunting in unfamiliar territory, you don’t know your way around. For this reason, you need to be prepared for all eventualities.

If there’s one boot that can do that for you, it’s the Original Muck Boot Company Fieldblazer Classic Rubber Boots. If you come across shallow water or marshy grounding, these

One thing that these shoes particularly excel in is foot protection. With extended rubber overlays and reinforcement over the heel, toes, and instep, these boots keep your feet safe from uneven grounding. This allows you to concentrate more on the hunting and less on what you’re stood on.

This boot does, however, lack insulation. Like all rubber boots, you’ll likely feel the cold if you stay still for too long in them. Although the boot is made using neoprene, it features no other insulating materials. The shoe can be worn comfortably in sub-freezing temperatures up to a heat of 65°F.


Most Rugged Lightweight Hunting Boots – Danner Vital Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots

Men's Danner Vital Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots Laced-Up

What I love about it:

Danner is probably the best hunting boot manufacturer around. I love the rugged leather design and the additional ankle support provided.


  • Sizes available: 8.5 – 14
  • Height: 8″
  • Weight: 47 oz (pair)
  • Width options: Regular
  • Insulation: 800
  • Color options: Realtree Edge


  • High durability: These boots are made using a mixture of rugged leather and textiles. This premium build ensures that these boots will last you a good few years.
  • Support: Where these boots truly excel is in the ankle support they provide. On top of the premium materials used, the construction features a TPU heel clip and a tall shaft. This, in addition to the Abrasion-resistant leather, ensures that your ankle is fully supported when hiking on rough terrain.
  • Waterproof protection: When wearing any Danner boot you’re guaranteed maximum waterproofing, and this design is no exception. The real leather and the Danner Dry technology keep the rain outside the shoe.
  • Quick lacing: Don’t let your laces be the reason you miss your target. The “lock and load” lacing system ensures your shoes stay comfortably on your feet. Plus, it allows you to lace them up in seconds if they come undone.


  • Lack of scent control: If you like to get as close as possible to your target, you may want to rethink your boot choice. The real leather makeup of this shoe does release a smell when wet.
  • No color options: Unfortunately this shoe is only available in Realtree Edge. Still, this color provides a high level of camouflage.

Full review:

This boot tix all the boxes if you’re looking for a basic and lightweight hunting boot. With these on your feet, you’ll only be weighed down 47 ounces. This will guarantee you the stamina to keep moving after a long day of hunting.

The comfort is furthered by the soft materials found inside. These boots feature a polyurethane footbed which will definitely put a spring in your step. The bounce provided does not wear out over time. In fact, these boots feel even bouncier and more impact-resistant the more you wear them.

The tough exterior ensures that these boots remain intact for longer. No jagged rockface will tear the tough leather build. Plus, the outsole is tough and impact-resistant enough to take on all kinds of surfaces.

Their lightweight design comes down to their lack of insulation. While the leather and structure of the boot will give you some degree of warmth, these shoes do not fare well against freezing temperatures. Still, the soft inner permit plenty of room for thick socks. With a good pair of socks on, you should be able to walk into any climate.

However, I wouldn’t recommend these shoes if you plan on standing still in freezing temperatures for an extended period of time. In this instance, Northside Crossite Hunting Boots are actually the better option – and way more affordable!


Best Tall Lightweight Hunting Boots – Rocky 16″ Prolight Waterproof Snake Boots

Rocky Men's 16" Prolight Waterproof Snake Boots Laced-Up

What I love about it:

These tall boots provide full leg protection. By protection, I don’t just mean protection from water or the cold: these boots are also designed to be 100% snake bite proof. If you need lightweight and waterproof hunting boots (that are also snake and cold-resistant!), then you’re looking in the right place.


  • Sizes available: 8 – 13 (some half-size options available)
  • Width options: Medium, wide
  • Color: Mossy Oak Break-up, Brown
  • Height: 16″
  • Weight: 64 oz


  • Snake-bite proof: Incredibly, Rocky has managed to make a light boot that features strong enough materials to protect you from snakebites.
  • Durable: These boots are almost completely puncture-proof. You could scrape them along a rocky flooring and the materials will still remain intact.
  • Keep your feet dry: These boots keep your feet bone dry with high-quality fabric.
  • Traction: The BioMech PU/rubber outsole keeps you on your feet, even on uneven terrain.


  • Breaking-in time required: Don’t expect these waterproof boots to feel comfortable from the get-go. You need to wear them a few times in order to break them in.
  • Lack of insulation: These boots may not keep feet warm.

Full review:

If you’re going hunting in an area with a big snake population, be sure to lace these boots up tightly before you go. For serious hunters, these boots feature BioMech PU/rubber outsole, which tightly grips any surface. If you’re worried about keeping your balance in a snake-infested land, these are the boots for you.

Plus, if you’re passing through tall grass, you may not be aware of what you’re walking on or scraping against. These extra tall boots protect you against all potential threats hidden in the grass. Plus, the lightweight design allows you to pass through the unknown with minimal strain.

But how do they compare to our other tall boot selection, the Original Muck Boot Company Fieldblazer?

One thing that makes Rockys better than Muck Boots is how easily they can be put on. This is mainly down to the rear pull-on loop, which Muck Boots lack. Plus, these rocky boots feature a quick lacing system, which makes tieing them up a short and easy process. Muck Boots also do not provide snakebite prevention.

Interestingly, they both weigh about the same. Muck Boots may provide better resistance against cold weather, but we’d say the Rocky Boots are the better option. They provide way more features and are made to be more durable.


Considerations When Buying Lightweight Hunting Boots

Lightweight hunting boots are worth considering if you want to make hiking while out on the hunt as easy as possible. However, not all light boots are suitable for all hunting trips. Here are some considerations you should make before buying lightweight hunting boots:

Insulation level

Cold weather normally beats lighter boots. However, there are some light boot options that feature Thinsulate insulation. If you do a lot of still hunting, look for boots that provide Thinsulate insulation. However, if you’re on the move a lot, insulation is less important.


You may only be able to wear your lighter boots in the summer. If you hunt in the late-season months, you’ll most likely also need a heavier boot to see you through. For this reason, we’d recommend budgeting for both a lightweight and a heavier pair of hunting boots.


Some boot manufacturers sacrifice insulation and ankle support to make boots that are as lightweight as possible. This is no good if you regularly cross rugged terrain. If you do, we’d recommend investing in boots that feature a heel cap, tall uppers, and a steel shank.



What is the best hunting boot weight?

Ideally, you want a hunting boot pair to be somewhere between 50 and 75 ounces. Anything over this would weigh you down too much and make walking difficult.

Is Thinsulate insulation warm?

Thinsulate insulation can provide warmth at -60°F. Some lightweight boots come with Thinsulate insulation. This insulation provides a decent amount of heat retention for when the temperatures drop.


Last Tips on Light Hunting

Overall, I think that Cabela’s Treadfast GORE-TEX Insulated Hunting Boots are the best lightweight boots you can find. They’re my top choice due to their insulation, waterproofing, and versatility.

However, if you’re looking for a quality hunting boot that offers the least amount of weight, we’d recommend the Danner Vital Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boot. Coming in 47 ounces in total, this is the most lightweight hunting boot you’ll find that is also of good quality.

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