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Hunting jackets are an essential part of your gear system. The best hunting jackets are designed with performance, practicality, and convenience in mind. Not only does it feature safety and ergonomic designs, but it is also designed to keep you warm and dry.

Whether you appreciate the rush of deer hunting or enjoy the serenity of a tree stand, there are jackets for every hunting style. I’ve listed our top picks for the best hunting jackets to enhance your performance while keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable.


Table of Contents

Best Overall for Men: KUIU Guide DCS Jacket

This incredibly versatile jacket from KUIU ticks off all the right boxes. Made from Toray materials, you get more than what you pay for.

Guide DCS Jacket Came

Key Features:

  • Toray Primeflex softshell, micro-fleece backer for insulation
  • 4-way stretch
  • K-DWR Water resistance rating
  • Wind-resistant
  • Odor control
  • Quiet material


  • It is affordable.
  • It has a durable water-repellent finish and dries quickly.
  • It is available in three camo patterns and five neutral colors.
  • Breathable and comes with zippered pit pockets to keep you cool,


  • It might be pricey for some hunters.
  • Made for cool to cold climates, not snow.

Full Review:

A hooded outer-layer jacket designed for any season, the Guides DCS Jacket offers durability, wind resistance, and water resistance. The durability of this jacket is KUIU’skey selling point. The Primeflex polyester exterior is durable and flexible enough to stretch and keep the elements effectively at bay. A contributing factor is the K-DWR water-repellent system that ensures this hunting jacket is resistant to wind and wetness.

For a lightweight outer shell, this jacket will keep you comfortable all day and is exceptionally breathable. Additional key features that make this the best hunting jacket is the no-lift gusseted underarms and the pit zips to keep you cool. There are six total pockets, including two chest pockets, two zippered hand pockets, one shoulder pocket, and an inside pocket.

This jacket is made for cool to cold weather, and when layered correctly, the versatility and design will ensure you remain comfortable no matter the weather.


Best Overall for Women: Sitka Fanatic Jacket

One of Sitka’s warmest jackets, the Fanatic Jacket, was designed for women by women. It will keep you warm during those cold days and keep you hunting all day long for those rare, fleeting opportunities.

Sitka Women's Fanatic Jacket Brown came

Key Features:

  • Gore Optifade concealment elevated II is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position.
  • Ultra-quiet material
  • Magnetic stow collar and safety harness
  • Insulated built-in hand muff
  • Body-mapped design for bow string clearance
  • It has a ground Shield insulated back panel
  • It has a durable Water Repellent Finish


  • It is the warmest hunting jacket on the market and can be layered without the bulk.
  • It offers incredible wind protection.
  • The material is absolutely silent.
  • Comes with a built-in safety harness feature for a tree stand.


  • Very expensive.
  • It only comes in one pattern.
  • It is water-resistant and not waterproof.

Full Review:

The Fanatic from Sitka provides unmatched warmth and weather protection with the perfect combination of plush material and high-tech features. The cut and design of the jacket keep you warm, but it is flexible enough that movement is swift.

The jacket’s exterior fabric is made from Gore-Tex, which comes with a Windstopper membrane, and a DWR coating making the Fanatic water-resistant and windproof jacket. Although the jacket is only available in one camo pattern, the design is fantastic and comes with a detachable hood that is integrated into the headband, preventing it from flying off in the wind.

A key selling point from Sitka is the diagonal zipper that provides additional protection from the wind. It zips up to your shoulder, preventing chafing or pinching when moving your head. Since the zipper runs diagonally, it acts as an insulated built-through muff, which keeps your hands incredibly warm.

The Fanatic comes with two zippered chest pockets specifically designed to hold your grant tube, rangefinder, or any essential hunting gear accessories. Pass-through ports enable the safety harness to fit more snugly against the body, and you don’t have to sacrifice safety for comfort since it can be worn even while wearing additional clothing.


Best Budget Hunting Jacket For Men: RedHead Silent Stalker Elite Parka

The Silent Stalker Elite is a fantastic three-in-one jacket that can be worn together or separately. It’s a good option for a fraction of the price!

RedHead Silent Stalker Elite Parka for Men

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% Polyester and has a BONE-DRY waterproof membrane.
  • Thermolight micro insulation
  • Removeable inner liner


  • Affordable
  • Versatile layering system
  • It has a waterproof shell.
  • Odor-free


  • The fabric is a bit noisy with every movement.
  • It is a little heavier for a parka.

Full Review:

The Silent Elite Parka is a budget-friendly hunting coat that is more befitting of ski apparel but also works for hunting. The jacket does have a removable inner and outer layer that makes it a little more versatile concerning layering.

You get a premade layering system that you can dress according to the weather since you can wear both inner and outer coats separately or together, making it a total of three jackets.

Since the jacket is made from 100% polyester, it is naturally moisture-wicking and waterproof. Despite the name, this jacket is a little noisy, which could alert elk or deer of your presence.

The jacket has plenty of pockets. It has a zippered chest pocket, two fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, a front zippered front with snap storm flap, and two cargo pockets with snap-down flaps. The liner has a cinched waist, a quilted lining, and a full zip front.

Redhead’s parka comes in two camouflage patterns, and there’s nothing quite like getting three coats in one that is less expensive than one more expensive brand.


Best Budget Hunting Jacket For Women: SHE Outdoor Insulated Jacket

SHE’s hunting jacket for women delivers comfort and warmth in colder climates. In addition to providing insulation, the coat is breathable, which makes it ideal for hunting elk or deer.

SHE Outdoor Insulated Jacket for Ladies

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% polyester lining and insulation
  • It has a 100-gram Thermolite Insulation layer
  • It has a stunning quilted lining
  • Handwarmer pockets


  • Decent thermal properties for the price.
  • Very cheap
  • Machine-washable


  • Not suitable for frigid weather conditions
  • The pockets are too small to fit a smartphone
  • A little noisy

Full Review:

This hunting jacket has decent insulation to keep you warm and comfortable all day long. The fabric is particularly breathable and moisture-wicking, so it is worth the price. It is the perfect hunting apparel for waterfowl hunters.

Combined with a wind and waterproofing liner in this waterfowl hunting shell, it’s a one-stop shop for cold- and extreme weather conditions. The design of the jacket is fairly standard. However, the jacket does come with a heavy-duty zipper and drawcord hood.

The key feature here is the 100% polyester lining, which makes the coat stain-resistant, odor-free, durable, and lightweight.

While most reviews are positive, one drawback many buyers experienced is the size. If you plan on heavy layering, buy one size up for comfort without the jacket feeling too bulky.


Best Hunting Rain Jacket: Sitka Downpour Jacket

Rain jackets are typically noisy; however, Sitka did the impossible and designed a rain jacket that makes no sound and will exceed your expectations.

Sitka Downpour Jacket Came

Key Features:

  • Gore-Tex construction with “stretch” technology and PrimaLoft insulation
  • Adjustable hood and water-sealing “gasket” cuffs
  • Bellowed shell pockets
  • Available in Optifade Timber and Marsh
  • Safety harness pass-through port
  • Durable water-repellent (DWR) finish


  • The rain jacket is much warmer than expected.
  • Exceptional windproof and waterproof properties
  • Has a durable water-repellent finish.


  • Some hunters mentioned getting soaked in the rain after two hours.
  • Too expensive for a raincoat

Full Review:

The TheDownpour raincoat is designed to keep you warm and bone dry. The breathable GORE-TEX laminate layer and DWR finish will keep hunters dry even in the wettest conditions.

In addition to being moisture-resistant, the raincoat is highly breathable, extremely comfortable to wear, and designed to accommodate a layering system. The forearms are customized to reduce string contact, while the elbows and shoulders are tailored to maximize movement.

The Downpour rain jacket has three zippered external pockets and a chest pocket that is ideal for storing your smartphone, wallet, or car keys. When worn with a full-sized iPhone, it does not interfere with a binocular harness.

Although it breathes well, the raincoat can get a little warm when there is no wind or rain. One of its most convenient features is its compact size, which makes it easy to carry in a small backpack pocket or the top pocket of a backpack. Additionally, the wrist and sleeve straps are appealing. You can easily use your hands without gloves since it has a Velcro closure that you can tighten.

You will want the down jacket to serve as your outer shell, so you should buy a size up.


Best Waterproof Hunting Jacket: KUIU Chugach TR Rain Jacket

Chugach TR rain jackets from KUIU are perfect for hunters like us. It is lightweight and compact and takes up very little space!

Kuiu Chugach TR Rain Jacket Green Came

Key Features:

  • Waterproof, Windproof, K-DWR Water Repellency
  • Material: Torain waterproof system featuring Dermizax HDM membrane,
  • 4-way stretch Primeflex nylon


  • The raincoat is waterproof and offers incredible wind resistance.
  • True to size and has sufficient room for layering.
  • The quality is top-notch and has a good amount of stretch for flexibility.


  • Too expensive for an outer shell-layer
  • Many hunters felt it makes too much sound.

Full Review:

When KUIU first announced the redesign of the Chugach tr rain jacket, I did not expect to see a change. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. The Torain waterproof technology will keep you dry no matter which direction the rain comes flying in.

The redesign combines the Torain water technology with the stretchy Primeflex fabric and a porous Dermixax HDM membrane. The results are favorable in KUIU’s favor, you get a raincoat with low water retention and breathability, and it will keep you dry and far more comfortable in the wettest conditions during a hunt.

You also get a remarkable lightweight outer shell that is compact when folded and only weighs fourteen ounces. The redesign also ensures that you get long-lasting durability that can last a few seasons.

A few standout features are the dual-adjust hood with a convenient visor, two zippered pockets for your hands, two zippered pit vents, and one chest pocket that are surprisingly deep.

Additional features you can expect from this raincoat are a dual adjust hem cinch, drop-back hem, fully-seamed tape, and adjustable hook and loop cuffs. Overall, KUIU’s decision to redesign the Chugra RT certainly makes this one of the best lightweight hunting jackets.


Best Wool Hunting Jacket: Filson Waterfowl Wader

Filson’s waterfowl jacket protects you from cold weather and provides exceptional insulation and comfort.


Key Features:

  • 100% Merino wool
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Water-resistant
  • Wind-resistant lining
  • Waxed cotton protection
  • Articulated arms for ease of movement


  • The waterfowl wader jacket is made from 100% merino wool which comes with plenty of benefits.
  • It has exceptional heat retention.
  • It does keep you dry and protected from wind and rain.


  • It can only be spot-cleaned. Hand or machine washing will damage the jacket.
  • Far too expensive
  • The coat only has four pockets.

Full Review:

Traditional wool hunting jackets often combine merino wool’s inherent warmth and odor resistance with fleece’s softness to create a covert, heat-trapping coat that can withstand any field conditions. Filson’s Waterfowl wader is 100% merino wool, provides excellent body heat retention, and has a waxed cotton outer layer to keep you dry.

Merino wool has incredible benefits. It provides fantastic insulation, has anti-static properties, does not itch, is odor resistant, and is surprisingly lightweight. The outer layer’s waxed cotton protection will keep you dry on a duck marsh and protect you from the elements.

Filson’s Wader seals in the heat to keep you dry, comfortable, and warm all day and does not limit the freedom of movement. A vital aspect of this jacket is that it is designed for wading, ensuring that its cut is shorter to keep it out of the water.

The pockets are zippered and snap-close lined with merino wool and conveniently placed storm flaps to keep your hands dry and toasty. The waterfowl wader has adjustable snap-tab cuffs and a drawcord hood that you can easily adjust. Additionally, you can move freely with the double-layer reinforced forearms.


Best Upland Hunting Jacket: Orvis Toughshell Upland Jacket

One of the biggest brands in the hunting field, Orvis brings you an incredible upland jacket that can withstand wear and tear while ensuring high visibility and comfort all day.

Orvis Toughshell Upland Jacket green and orange

Key Features:

  • Clean design accommodates hunting vests and layering systems
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments that has magnetic closers.
  • Fantastic zippered hand warmer pockets
  • Tricot-brushed lining to provide warmth and all-day comfort


  • Strategically blaze orange feature for high visibility.
  • It is waterproof and wind resistant, and machine washable.
  • It is rugged and robust.
  • The jacket is thick enough to protect you from thorns and briars.


  • A little too expensive.
  • Limited colors are available.
  • Hunters feel restricted in their movement by the stiffness of the hardshell.

Full Review:

Traditional upland jackets are made from thick canvas and various synthetic blends that forgo breathability and proper insulation. However, Orvis has created a jacket that perfectly balances synthetic materials to give you the perfect hardshell jacket.

The standout feature is how waterproof and windproof this coat really is. Additionally, the zippers are waterproof, providing hunters with an all-out defense against the elements. The only issue with the rugged hardshell is your limited range of motion, and the jacket is a little too stiff.

The front flap pockets come with shell holsters and snap shut with magnetic closes that remarkably make no sound. The drawback with this upland coat is the limited color selection, it is only available in an olive or orange, and the standard neutral color befitting hunting. However, it does cut out the need to wear a hunting vest.

Overall, Orvis has done an incredible job with the selection of clothing for hunters; however, they did an even better job with the construction, breathability, pocket storage, and, finally, the pit zips for added ventilation.


Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Jacket: Sitka Celsius Midi Jacket

Sitka’s Celsius Midi jacket is made for the cold weather offering all the comforts and flexibility bow hunters need.

Sitka Celsius midi jacket Came

Key Features:

  • Safety harness pass-through port
  • Tapered sleeves & cuff for clean draw cycles
  • Thumbhole loops for Easy layering
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish


  • The cut offers flexibility, leaving room for a wide range of motion.
  • This coat is exceptionally packable and lightweight and only weighs 1 lb 3 oz.
  • It has a water-repellent finish to keep you dry and moisture out.
  • Ideal for layering systems and does not bunch up.


  • Too light for extreme weather conditions
  • Not cheap for the type of jacket.

Full Review:

Sitka’s Celsius Midi is one of their range’s most packable and lightweight jackets. The design was well thought through, providing hunters with just the right balance of insulation, air permeability, and incredible warmth.

The tapered sleeves and cuff are vital features, allowing you effortless and clean draw cycles. The thumbhole loops are exceptional and made for easy layering, and the safety harness pass-through port is pretty durable, ensuring your safety when standing on tree stands for a very long time.

One drawback, though, is that hunters are not fans of the sound the jacket makes. It is a little too noisy for most, but it only seems to be a small dent in the overall ratings amongst bow hunters.

The most impressive part of owning the Celsius midi jacket is its flexibility, which does not limit or restrict the range of motion. Another feature that checks all the right boxes is the DWR finish that keeps moisture out, keeping you dry and arm throughout the hunt. Overall, Sitka continues to impress with its well-thought-out designs and construction.


Best Insulated Hunting Jacket: Sitka Aerolite Incinerator Jacket

For the warmest jacket with insulation bordering on perfection, Sitka’s Aerolite Incinerator is best for the most extreme winter weather conditions.


Key Features:

  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • DWR 600 power down with Kypteck Defender
  • Handwarmer pockets with zippers
  • Specifically designed to fit under shells
  • Elasticated hem and cuffs
  • Waterproof safety harness pass-through port


  • A top-notch choice for insulation and ventilation
  • It offers extreme warmth and is ideal for the harshest weather elements
  • Material makes no sound.


  • The most expensive jacket on this list
  • It is far too hot for active hunting

Full Review:

You know what it feels like to be wrapped in a cozy, warm sleeping bag. Sitka’s Aerolite Incinerator jacket feels similar, almost a virtual sleeping bag you can wear.

Without the proper protection, standing on a tree stand for an entire day can be incredibly cold, and you could lose focus. The Aerolite Incinerator is made for extreme snow, rain, and windy conditions.

The Gore-Trex outer shell provides the ultimate ventilation, the most incredible insulation, and weatherproofing. The Primaloft insulation is hidden inside the quilted inner lining. For materials as stiff as the Incinerators, the jacket makes no sound, allowing you to maintain your silence from your position.

If you are prepared to pay almost seven hundred dollars and hunt in the midwest, where temperatures can drop below freezing, then Sitka’s Aerolite Incinerator will be worthwhile.


Best Lightweight Hunting Jacket: Under Armour Ridge Reaper Raider Jacket

The Ridge Reaper Raider jacket is perfect in warmer weather. It is lightweight, practical, and has key features you will appreciate.

Under Armour Ridge Reaper Raider Jacket for Men

Key Features:

  • Made from 91% polyester and elastane
  • Repels water
  • The jacket is ultra-durable and made from a lightweight woven fabric
  • 4-way-stretch fabrication
  • Quiet construction
  • Strategically place underarm AirVent gussets


  • Exceptionally lightweight material and perfect for the start of the season.
  • Perfectly comfortable for hunting big game like deer and elk
  • Stellar construction and design
  • Affordable


  • It can run a bit big
  • Not as windproof as it claims
  • Not ideal for layering systems in colder weather conditions

Full Review:

Under Armour does not disappoint with the Ridge Reaper Raider hunting coat. This coat is ideal for the beginning of the hunting season when the weather is much warmer, but there is a definite chill in the air.

As an ultra-lightweight jacket, layering systems work well with the 4-way stretch fabric. A bonus in the jacket’s construction is its durability, soundless material, and DWR finish, which makes the coat waterproof and wind-resistant.

As densely woven as the material is, the jacket is porous and allows active ventilation. Perhaps the best feature of the jacket is the underarm gussets for improved and additional ventilation.

The pockets on the Ridge Reaper Raider are surprisingly large, making them exceptionally handy. The cylindrical-shaped zippered side pocket is perfect for storing a smartphone or safety eyeglasses, and every pocket is lined with a breathable mesh fabric.

Similar jackets in Under Armours range is the UA Barren and the UA Forest All Season; however, the difference is that the Ridge Reaper is limited to the beginning of the hunting season, whereas you can wear the rest throughout. Overall, Under Armour does not disappoint, and the price point is incredibly affordable.


How We Chose the Best Hunting Jackets

Hunting jackets are the crowning glory of your hunting gear. A few considerations could make or break your performance when choosing a hunting jacket, including being seen by other hunters and the weather conditions.


We’ve all been in situations where the sun was out, and we were caught wearing the wrong hunting jacket before the rain came pounding down, soaking us in the process. Let the weather be your guide but always come prepared. A good hunting jacket should be breathable, offer insulation, and keep you warm.

The warmest winter hunter jackets are as follows:

  • Fleece jacket
  • Puffer jacket
  • Parka jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hardshell jacket


When selecting a winter jacket, consider the type of insulation you are looking for. Generally, there are two types of insulation for colder weather, synthetic or down. Down is exceptionally warm, lightweight, and durable, whereas synthetic is machine washable, waterproof, and much cheaper.

Outer Shells

There are two types of shells, namely, a hard shell and a soft shell. A softshell jacket is water-resistant, designed to keep moisture out, and far more porous than hard shells. Hard shell jackets offer wind resistance and are waterproof, and hunting raincoats are good examples of hard shell coats.

Type of Lining Material

The lining of the hunting jacket will be in contact with your mid-layer. Find a lining material that retains heat and regulates your temperature. The various lining available is constructed to keep your body dry or both.

The Fit

Most hunting jackets are the final item of clothing. Consider a jacket that considers the layering system. During the cold winter months, you will need a jacket that fits well but also accommodates layering without making you feel uncomfortable or too heavy.

Style and Comfort

Consider a light, breathable jacket at the beginning of the season when the sun is out. A windproof or softshell jacket is perfect for cold and windy days. When the weather becomes cooler, consider a fleece or light jacket, and for cold-weather hunting, layer up and wear a well-insulated jacket.

Additional Features

The features you need from a hunting jacket will depend on your hunting style and the area. What works for a deer hunter in North Dakota will not work for a moose hunter in Colorado.

Some hunting jacket designs are simple and practical, whereas others come with additional features like shell pockets, zippered chest pockets, hand warmer pockets, and safety harness holes for tree stands.

Depending on your hunting style, look for durable hunting jackets that offer versatility, camouflage patterns for concealment, and excellent thermal properties.

Value For Money

There is greater long-term value in high-quality hunting garments. The cost is often indicative of performance, even if deals are to be had. A high price does not always translate into high performance, but a higher price often indicates a better product.


Layering System

Hunting jackets should be the final piece of the puzzle regarding layering systems. Layering systems are clothing for hunters that provide various degrees of insulation. To put it mildly, you need to be as warm and comfortable during the, which can start at dawn and see you sitting in a treestand exposed to the elements.

When buying a hunting jacket, consider the three-layer rule:

Base Layers

A good layering system starts with the base layer, which should be the fabric that touches your skin. It needs to be breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable. Some of the best base layers for cold weather hunting are made from polyester, Gore-Tex, and synthetic insulation blends.

Avoid wearing cotton as your base layer. It will not keep you warm; when damp, it will not dry when you sweat.

Mid Layer

Mid-layers act as insulation layers between the base and outer layers. Merino wool pullovers, fleece jackets, and puffy coats are generally examples of mid-layer. The mid-layer keeps you warm and protects you from cold weather conditions.

Weatherproof Outer Layer

The outer layer would be the hunting jacket that insulates the layers below and protects you from harsh weather elements. The outer shell needs to be wind and waterproof. It insulates, retaining body heat during the cold winter months, or protects you from the rain in the summer months.


Best Materials For Hunting Jackets

Your hunting jacket is only as good as its material. Understanding what to look for and its properties can help you make an informed decision.


Gore-Tex is a synthetic fabric and can be found in some of the best waterproof hunting clothing. Not only is the material waterproof, but it is also breathable, windproof, and exceptionally durable. Most outdoor footwear, clothing, and accessories are made from Gore-Tex materials.


Torain or Toray is a Japanese-manufactured synthetic material, and you will find it in high-end hunting togs like KUIU. This material is incredible; its properties include being windproof, waterproof, and exceptionally porous.

Toray Primeflex

Toray Primeflex, mostly labeled Primeflex, is another synthetic material manufactured in Japan. This synthetic fabric provides the stretch needed in your hunting garb. It is also incredibly versatile, fast-drying, robust, and long-lasting. Primeflex is used to manufacture sportswear, activewear, and even business attire.


Fleece can be found in most mid-layer hunting clothing. This material is made from a combination of cotton and polyester and has incredible insulation properties.


Wool is used in various hunting apparel, from socks to jackets. Merino wool is mostly used in hunting clothes and possesses natural antimicrobial properties: it prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing. Additionally, it provides warmth and does not make noise when you move.


Polyester is one of the most used materials for hunting. You’ll find it in most hunting vests, jackets, and hunting pants. As a hydrophobic material, polyester is water-resistant, wicking moisture away from your body, and it breathes well.


Primaloft is a combination of wool and polyester. Because it provides warmth, even when wet, the material features heavily in many clothes made for hunting.


What to Consider Heated Hunting Jackets

Heated hunting jackets are exceptionally popular amongst hunters. They are well worth the investment if you are willing to make the investment. There are six important factors to consider before forking out cash.


There is plenty of cheaply manufactured heating hunting apparel that boasts durability but is only good for one season. The best materials are nylon and polyester, which are water and wind-resistant. When fitted with a battery pack, these heated jackets are expensive.

The Type Of Battery

Always opt for a heating jacket that comes with a rechargeable USB battery pack. When choosing the type of battery, go with AAA batteries as they are smaller and work just as well as AA batteries. The less you can carry, the better.

Battery Life

Most battery packs can last anywhere between six to twelve hours. And charging can take 30 minutes for the more expensive heating jackets compared to two hours with the cheaper, more affordable kind.

If you are prepared to spend the money, invest in a heated hunting jacket that will last longer and charge more quickly. There is no point in the battery pack dying halfway through the hunting trip when the temperatures begin to drop.


A rule of thumb when buying a heated hunting coat is to look at the voltage. The higher the voltage, the bulkier the battery.

The Heat settings

What is the point if you cannot adjust the heat setting to match the weather on your heating coat? Always select a coat with heat settings to keep you comfortable and warm.

Heating Elements

You’ll encounter several heating devices from one heated jacket model to the next. Various materials, including copper wire, metal mesh, and carbon fibers, can be used. There is a considerable increase in the use of carbon fiber in electrically heated jackets due to its ability to heat effectively and be flexible, light, and fully washable.

Is it easy To Clean?

Heated clothing is machine washable or can be hand washed. The battery packs and elements need to be removed before cleaning your jacket. The one downside is that heating coats are not suitable for the dryer and should air dry.


A Few Additional Tips

In addition to comfort and warmth, here are a few additional tips you will appreciate when on the field.

  • Safety Matters: Wear high-visibility hunting gear like blaze-orange to alert other hunters of your presence. Always wear safety glasses and ear protection to avoid permanent damage from debris and noise from your weapon.
  • Pockets Are Convenient: Hunting coats and jackets with plenty of pockets come in handy, whether it is to store your ammunition, snacks, or GPS. Consider jackets with waist pockets that open from the top instead f the side, and opt for silent zippers.
  • Ventilation: Hunting jackets with strategically placed zippers provide more ventilation.


What color should you not wear hunting?

Avoid wearing blue denim, whites, and greens. Wear neutral tones like brown and colors that are designed specifically for hunting. Ensure that you wear high-visibility clothing like an orange hat or vest.

Why are hunting jackets orange?

The purpose of wearing orange is to increase visibility and minimize being mistaken for game. Some hunters hang an orange cloth on a tree to alert other hunters of their presence.

What is the warmest hunting material?

Merino wool is considered the warmest fabric, followed closely by polyester and fleece. Alpaca wool socks are also considered warm as it regulates your body temperature.

Is polyester good for hunting?

A polyester base layer makes a good choice for many different hunting uses thanks to antibacterial advances that have reduced or eliminated the odor issues associated with this fabric in the past.

Do you need a waterproof jacket for duck hunting?

There is no doubt that you will be in a cold environment and wet when it comes to duck hunting. Waterproof jackets and gear are a must, and fabrics like Gore-tex are breathable, waterproof, and perfect for duck hunting apparel that keeps you insulated and warm.

What should I wear when hunting in 20-degree weather?

Whenever you’re hunting in a cold climate, you should be layering appropriately. For 20 to 30-degree weather, you should have a base layer with good moisture-wicking capabilities. Above it, you should have a mid-layer of long underwear and an outer layer of hunting or hiking pants. Wool socks and other clothes with wool in them will keep you well insulate while also allowing the bottom layers to breathe. Waterproof boots and gloves are also crucial in such weather.

How do I keep my feet warm when hunting?

Whenever you’re hunting in the snow you should keep a few things in mind in order to keep your feet warm and dry. First of all, make sure you get hunting boots that aren’t as breathable. This will prevent them from loosing too much heat, even though it won’t be ideal for moisture-control. If you don’t have a thick pair of wool hunting socks, you can always double layer. One trick that works like a charm is using paper to insulate your boots.

What is the warmest material for hunting clothes?

While there are plenty of material options on the market, one particular material has proven to be highly efficient in cold weather – Merino Wool. It is naturally good at dealing with moisture and at keeping your body dry. Additionally, it is also good at keeping you warm, especially when paired with other shell materials such as polyester. As a whole, most high-performance hunting or expedition jackets have Merino Wool in them.

Final Thoughts

Our list of the best hunting jackets has something every hunter. If you are looking for an adaptable jacket for every hunting season, the Guide DCS Jacket from KUIU is our top choice, followed closely by Sitka’s Fanatic jacket.

An honorable mention goes to Sitka’s Aerolite Incinerator jacket. This may be the warmest jacket for hunters on the market and is perfect for elk and deer hunters in the midwest who experience extremely cold weather hunting conditions.

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