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Since you’re here, you may be battling with cold feet and not the metaphorical kind. However, you’re in luck. There are many hunting boots explicitly designed to prevent your discomfort and, the greatest fear of all, frostbite.

In this article, I’m going to be taking you through the best boots for hunting during winter out there:

Best Overall Cold-Weather Boots: Crispi Guide GTX Insulated Hunting Boots

Best Budget Cold-Weather Boots for Men: HuntRite Men’s Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots, 400-Grams

Best Budget Cold-Weather Boots for Women: Northside Women’s Abilene Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 400 Gram

Best Boots for Hunting During Winter for Men: Irish Setter Men’s VaprTrek Waterproof Insulated 8″ Hunting Boots, 1,200 Grams

Best Boots for Hunting During Winter for Women: Rocky Women’s Sport Pro 7″ Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 800 Grams


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What Type of Hunting Boots Do You Need?

The type of winter boots you’ll need for hunting depends on several factors. For example, purchasing 1200-gram hunting boots in a freezing area is a good decision. However, if you’re in a “cold but not extremely so” area, you may do fine with a basic insulated pair of hunting boots.

Your choice should depend on your particular circumstances, considering the usual temperatures of the areas you typically hunt in. For example, some states, such as Alaska, normally have lower overall temperatures.


5 Best Cold-Weather Boots for Hunting

Read on to follow my list of the five best winter hunting boots for hunting available today:

Best Overall Cold-Weather Hunting Boots: Crispi Guide GTX Insulated Hunting Boots

Crispi Guide GTX Insulated Hunting Boots in brown

What I love about it:

I love these boots because they’re incredibly high quality and come in many sizes.


Water repellant: Water-repellent nubuck leather.

Colors: Brown only.

Material: Nubuck leather.

Type of insulation: 200-gram insulation.


  • High-quality leather: nubuck is soft but also very durable. Typically this material is associated with quality footwear.
  • Excellent insulation: GORE-TEX insulation provides high heat retention and waterproofing while retaining breathability.
  • Excellent comfort: with a shock-absorbing midsole, an ankle bone support system, and a Vibram sole (which is soft and springy), these boots are incredibly comfortable.


  • Pricey: at $479, these hunting boots are very costly. However, their quality makes them well worth it.

Crispi Guide GTX Insulated Hunting Boots review:

These are arguably the best-insulated hunting boots on the market. With a 200-gram equivalency, insulated footwear lining, ankle bone support system, and a Vibram Super-Grip outsole, these boots are incredibly high quality.

And while it may be argued (and rightly so) that these boots are pretty expensive and arguably overpriced, there’s no arguing that they’re truly made to last and are incredibly comfortable to wear. They’re also very lightweight and stable, making them highly suitable for various environments.

These boots also have a rubber border around the upper to protect your foot. This will keep you from accidentally hurting your foot on sharp rocks, thorns, and other environmental hazards.

I highly recommend these boots to anyone who can afford them. Remember that a good pair of hunting boots is worth several cheaper pairs because they last just as long as all combined.

Best Budget Cold-Weather Hunting Boots for Men: HuntRite Men’s Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots, 400-Grams

HuntRite Men's Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots, 400-Grams in brown and tree camo

What I love about it:

These boots are high-quality but at less than a fraction of the cost of my best overall suggestion.


Water repellant: 100% waterproof membrane

Colors: brown and Realtree Edge.

Material: full-grain leather and nylon uppers.

Type of insulation: 400-gram insulation.


  • Affordable: at $72, these boots are quite cheap compared to other options.
  • Comfortable: these boots are pretty comfortable. And the wicking mesh lining takes moisture from your feet, keeping them dry.
  • Slip-free traction: these boots boast slip-free traction, perfect in challenging terrain.


  • They may not be as durable as other options: at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. And while they’re great, they’re not likely to last as long as other options.

HuntRite Men’s Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots, 400-Grams review:

These waterproof hunting boots will make an excellent addition to your trips during hunting season. The 400 grams of insulation provide relatively good cold weather protection, although they are heavier than 200-gram insulation.

This excellent insulation, paired with the waterproof membrane, slip-free traction, padded tongue and collar, and wicking mesh, makes this a great and solid option for hunters. The rear pull-on also makes it easy to take on and off.

They’re also lightweight and can be warm for extended periods without discomfort. The Rocky Air-Port cushion footbeds absorb shock, which helps to make it more comfortable in the long term.

Overall, I suggest this pair if you’re on a budget but still something warm, comfortable, and well-suited for hunting.

Best Budget Cold-Weather Hunting Boots for Women: Northside Women’s Abilene Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 400 Gram

Northside Women's Abilene Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 400 Gram in tan camo

What I love about it:

These boots are very comfortable and boast numerous features at an affordable cost.


Water repellant: 100% waterproof.

Colors: tan camo.

Material: suede and 600-denier nylon uppers.

Type of insulation: 400-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation.


  • Very comfortable: a comfortable pair of hunting boots can be warm without issue for extended periods.
  • Protective heel and toe caps: handy and keep your feet free from injury or bruising.
  • 100% waterproof: these boots are very waterproof, which can prove helpful in damp areas.


  • Fewer large-size options: no size 11 or greater.

Northside Women’s Abilene Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 400 Gram review:

This insulated hunting boot is great for women who want something warm which is still comfortable enough to wear for long periods. At 400 grams, the insulation of this boot is sufficient for moderately cold temperatures. It’s also not too “heavy” to walk around with comfortably.

These boots have many features, such as protective heel and toe caps that protect your foot from getting hurt. They also have a rubber traction outsole that provides excellent grip in rugged terrain.

And being waterproof and breathable, these boots are perfect for particularly challenging hunts. I recommend these boots if you want a great “mid-level” boot that isn’t too insulated to be unsuitable on some days. But also one that isn’t too light on insulation as to be insufficient for challenging temperatures.

Best Cold-Weather Hunting Boots for Men: Irish Setter Men’s VaprTrek Waterproof Insulated 8″ Hunting Boots, 1,200 Grams

Irish Setter Men's VaprTrek Waterproof Insulated 8" Hunting Boots, 1,200 Grams in mossy oak camo

What I love about it:

These boots are incredibly warm and are perfect in freezing temperatures.


Water repellant: waterproof leather.

Colors: mossy oak break-up country.

Material: full-grain leather boots.

Type of insulation: 1,200-gram insulation.


  • Heavy insulation: at 1,200 grams, these boots will keep your feet warm in even the coldest weather.
  • ScentBan technology: the ScentBan technology ensures that these boots remain fresh despite frequent use.
  • UltraDry waterproof: the UltraDry waterproof technology has a lining with water-resistant properties. This keeps the boot dry for long periods.


Pricey for what it offers: these boots are expensive considering that alternatives, such as the HuntRite’s Men’s Insulated Boots, are almost as good.

Irish Setter Men’s VaprTrek Waterproof Insulated 8″ Hunting Boots, 1,200 Grams review:

The Irish Setter Men’s Vaptrek hunting boots are an excellent choice for people hunting in significantly cold weather. They offer 1,200-gram insulation, which is significantly higher than the other options on this list.

While the boots have many great features, including waterproof and ScentBan technology, they’re a bit pricey as a package. Nevertheless, I picked them as the best for men because of their excellent insulation (and because Irish Setter boots have a good reputation).

These boots are also quite comfortable and boast a CuShin comfort tongue that will keep your feet from becoming achy over time. Overall, I’d recommend these if you don’t quite have the budget for the Crispi Guide boots and are interested in the added insulation.

Best Boots for Hunting During Winter for Women: Rocky Women’s Sport Pro 7″ Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 800 Grams

Rocky Women's Sport Pro 7" Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 800 Grams in mossy oak camo

What I love about it:

Like the Irish Setter boots, this hunting boot is among the warmest hunting boots, making it perfect for freezing weather.


Water repellant: Rocky Vapor Pass waterproof technology.

Colors: mossy-oak break-up country.

Material: full-grain uppers.

Type of insulation: 800-gram insulation.


  • Great insulation: with excellent insulation, these boots are perfect for icy conditions.
  • Cushioning: the cushion footpads provide extra comfort.
  • Self-cleaning outsoles: these rubber outsoles are highly effective at ridding themselves of dirt.


  • Not suitable for mildly cold weather: these boots are best suited in significantly cold weather. They may prove excessive otherwise.

Rocky Women’s Sport Pro 7″ Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots, 800 Grams review:

This hunting boot is perfect for cold and wet conditions. “Why,” you might be wondering. Well, the 800-gram Thinsulate ultra insulation keeps these boots warm. And the Rocky Vapor Pass waterproof technology keeps your feet dry, even in significantly wet situations.

These boots for hunting also come with a self-cleaning rubber outsole, which is highly convenient to have. This is particularly so if you’re someone who likes to keep their boots clean. It also comes with cushion footbeds that absorb shock, improving comfort (yes, I’ve made sure to pick only comfortable boots).

I’d highly recommend this pair as a great choice within its range. And with the added insulation, it’s perfect for people in particularly cold areas.


Considerations When Buying Cold-Weather Hunting Boots

When buying a winter hunting boot, there are several variables you should consider:


An uncomfortable fit can be a nightmare. It’s essential to buy a pair of hunting boots that’s the right fit for you. That’s why I’ve only mentioned products that have been tested and that don’t have sizing issues.

Water Resistance:

A pair of water-resistant boots (or even full-on waterproof) is generally desirable. They come in handy when hunting in damp areas or where there’s a risk of rain. These types of boots will keep you comfortable by keeping your feet dry.

Water resistance will also help prevent your boots from becoming damaged from getting soggy.


The insulation of your pair of boots is a critical factor to consider. If your boots aren’t adequately insulated, you’ll have a rough go of it, particularly if you’re out for a long time and it’s cold.

There are also different degrees of insulation: 1,200-gram boots offer the best insulation but lower mobility. In contrast, 200-gram boots offer less warmth but are better for long trips.


A hunting boot that is too stiff can cause strain on your feet and can be a very uncomfortable experience. However, boots with greater stiffness cope with more complex terrains better. However, if you’re in a mostly flat area, then flexible boots will work fine and be more comfortable over the long term.


The breathability of your hunting boot is an important factor to consider, as it affects how comfortable it is. Think about it this way: it’s like being in a room with no ventilation; it’ll get stuffy!


The design of your boots is essential to consider. For example, if you’re going to be walking through swamps and marshes, then you may be best off buying yourself rubber boots. They’re entirely watertight.

However, in this case, particularly in very cold weather, you’re better off wearing full-grain leather boots or similar synthetic boots.


How I Chose the Best Hunting Boots for Cold Weather

I chose the best hunting boots for cold weather after carefully considering several variables. This included thinking about the cost, comfort, and durability of the hunting boots:


This is an important variable when making any product purchase. After all, you want to avoid paying large amounts of money unnecessarily. While most of the products on the list are relatively affordable, the one I recommend, the Crispi Guide GTX, is pricier.

The price is, however, warranted due to its high quality. Each product I’ve considered has gone through a similar consideration.


This is an important variable to consider when purchasing a pair of boots: an uncomfortable pair can ruin a hunting trip. It can become a fixation where you wait till the end of the day to take them off (talking from personal experience here).

The best thing to do when buying boots is to look at reviews of the products and any mention of them being comfortable.


The durability of boots is an essential factor and is relevant to value for money. If your boots are excellent in every other way but are made of poor-quality material, you will regret your purchase.

When you purchase a pair of boots, particularly an expensive pair, you’ll want them to last.


Who are Hunting Boots for Winter For?

A winter hunting boot is best for colder states, such as Alaska, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Maine. They provide a way to hunt without the fear of frostbite while keeping your feet warm and comfortable.



Who makes the best hunting boots for cold weather?

It’s hard to say precisely who makes the best hunting boots for cold weather. There are many variables to consider, such as comfort, insulation, flexibility, breathability, and durability. However, I’d argue that Crispi makes one of the best hunting boots, although they’re pricy.

What is the warmest winter boot in the world?

While I didn’t mention this brand on the list, Hammacher Schlemmer makes some of the warmest boots in the world. Although, they’re designed for snow and not for hunting.

What boots are warmer than Uggs?

While Uggs aren’t suitable for hunting, many brands are releasing (and have already released) hunting boots warmer than Uggs. Many of the boots on the list are comparable to Uggs in warmth.

What boots are worn in the Arctic?

Boots, known as mukluks, are worn in the Arctic. These have been designed by Inuit people and are soft boots created with hide.

How warm are 800-gram boots?

800-gram hunting boots will keep your feet warm at a moderate level of activity. They’re a bit heavy, so you won’t typically purchase these unless you’re going to be in a very cold and snowy environment.

How warm are 200-gram boots?

200-gram boots are quite warm and can be worn comfortably in temperatures as low as -20°F. These boots are best for high activity levels in cold weather.

Last Tips on Cold-Weather Hunting Boots

Getting a good pair of winter hunting boots is vital for your comfort. They ensure that you’re able to cope with low temperatures and challenging weather conditions without experiencing discomfort. The Crispi Guide GTX Insulated Hunting Boot ticks all my boxes, being warm, durable, and comfortable.






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